Concerts and New Phones

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Destanies POV

"You know I didn't come up with that by myself." Zayn said as we were getting ready for bed. I took the sheets and placed it on the bed and started to align it with the bed.

"Who helped?" I asked "Besides the guys?"

"Well the whole scavenger hunt thing was my idea but I needed help and a place to do it and the people to sign the letters and stuff." he said.

"Who helped you?" I asked again.

"She says she really wants to patch things up with you." Zayn says "She doesn't want tension between you guys." I know who he's talking about already.

"Zayn..." I said.

"Perrie helped me." He said. I paused a moment but went on with what I was doing. I grabbed the bigger blanket and started to put it on the bed until Zayn stopped me.

"Destanie you should talk to her..." He said his hand over mine. "It wasn't her that did anything. I was the one being an ass."

"I know." I said and smiled " I mean, I guess I'll talk to her- When's the next time we can see her?"

'Their concert is tomorrow night." Zayn says "Talk to her then."

"Okay, do you think she'll even want to?" I asked.

"Yeah, when she was helping me she said she would really want to talk to you, she felt bad." he said.

"Yeah, tomorrow." I say "I'll talk to her."

I jumped into the bed that I missed for so long. Zayn jumped on the bed after knocking me off where I was and on the ground.

"Oops." Zayn says smiling peering over the side of the bed.

"Oh shut up." I say and he sticks out his hand for help. I gladly took it and hopped back in bed. I faced away from Zayn and felt him wrap his arms around my waist.

"I love you." he says.

"I know." I said chirpy.

"Now what do you say?" he says.

"Goodnight." I said, smiling. I heard him laugh.


I was anxious about talking to Perrie. Mostly because of what I said to her and because she did nothing. If I was her I would absolutely hate me, thinking more about this makes me happy at the thought of being friends but sick to my stomach she already hates me. Plus she's friends with all the girls. So I'm the odd one out.

"Hey, calm down." Someone whispers in my ear. I turn my head and see Zayn. I realized I kept wiping my hands on my jeans. I sighed.

"It's hard." I say. He gives me a gentle squeeze.

Soon all the Little Mix girls come out of their dressing rooms and come over to greet us. Perrie last. I noticed her wiping her hands on her high waisted shorts. She was nervous too. I couldn't tell if it was because of me or that they were about to go out on stage but it could be both and that would be worse. She looked at me and I met her gaze and she quickly looked somewhere else.

"Hey guys!" Jesy said once they came over.

"So glad you could make it!" Leigh-Anne says.

"Happy to be here!" Niall says putting an arm around Mami.

"You guys know each other right?" Liam asks.

"Yeah! I'm huge fan!" Amber exclaims.

"Always nice to meet a fan. I love your top." Jade says to Amber. Amber smiles like an idiot and hugs Jade back when she hugs her. They introduced the girls to the Jesy, Leigh-Anne, and Jade and then someone called them to sound check before the concert started. I needed to talk to Perrie. She slowly turned around and started to walk with the rest of them.

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