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[Naomi's POV]

It's been weeks since i moved out of the dorm, i can still watch them on TV and i can see them happy. But i notice Tao, expresionless never smiled. But i know that it's just  playful feeling, it'll be gone any of these days.

"Naomi, you're dad's calling for you." The maid called.

"Sure, tell him i'll be there any minute." I said.

I fixed myself and went to my dad's office, he wasn't there where the hell is he?

"Hey, where's dad?"  I asked.

"Oh, i forgot to tell you he's in the company office. He wants you to go there." The maid said.

"Oh, well. I'll try." I said thinking on what to do.

I went to my room and took a bathe. I wish not to see them at the company especially Tao.

I looked for Mr. Larry and asked him if he can drive me to the company. I fastly walked to the elevator not wanting to see them. I passed through their practice room and they weren't there. Thank go--

I failed, they are walking towards my way. They saw me, i didn't stop to look at them. I continued walking ignoring them.

"Hey Naomi!!" I heard Chanyeol.

No don't respond, don't look!! I told myself.

"Naomi!!" Another called, i don't know who but i still continued walking, I wasn't looking at the way so i end up bumpung to someone. I looked adn saw Tao.

I looked at somewhere else and continued walking. I passed by him, he grabbed my arm and make me faced him.

"why did you leave? Why are you ignoring me?" He asked.

I didn't answer i removed his gripped and ran towards my dad's office.

"Naomi, i was waiting for you. I have a good news." Dad said.

 "What is it?" I asked.

"I've been switched to New York and we will move there tomorrow!!" He said.

I smiled, a fake smile. I gave him a hug and said that i'm glad that he was moved. He decided to be operated there for his cancer. So we will be staying there for a couple years he said. 

I think this is a goodbye?

[Tao's POV]

I saw her, i saw her!!! I asked her but she ignored me, what's wrong with her? What's happening?

"Tao, what did she said?" Suho hyung asked.

"S-she didn't say a word." I said.

They all gave ma pity look, and i hate it. 

I went to manager's office, who is Naomi's dad. I saw them talking, i knocked and his dad let me in.

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