Time for chapter 2 its an early upload coz i had it written already wen i was writing Chater 1.

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“Done! Though I’ll be packed by tomorrow afternoon just to let you know.” She winked at me and rush to her place with excitement.





After a lot of shopping we are back home.

 “Mom you got to make a call and book our flight tickets to LA, please do it so that I can tell Parita to be ready accordingly and we leave on time I can’t just wait to see the boys!” I said with a lot of excitement in my voice.

“Yeah sure Princess, just give me a sec!” she says and grabs her phone to call our agent.

So till the time she is on the phone I get a suitcase and gather all the things that I need to pack, my clothes, my make up kit I don’t put much of make up over me though eye linner, lip gloss and a mascara  that’s wad I need make myself look beautiful, my deo’s, my perfumes, my toiletries too, my footwear’s everything! I just didn’t want to miss out anything.

     “Ummm… I guess there is problem sweetheart… can you just ask your cousin Rose to arrange you an apartment for one day early for you were you’re supposed to stay..?” my mom asked me tensing a little.

“Mom I can ask her to do so but wad is wrong? Wads the problem?” I ask her back.

“Agent says there are no flights available day after tomorrow but tomorrow!” she told me

      “Umm.. ohkay that’ll be okay mom if Rose can’t then we will arrange ourselves staying in a hotel for a night don’t worry.” I assure her.

“but still if you could just call up and talk to her?” I knew it she wont listen to me! Aftr-all she is a mother always concerned about her child.

I call Rose using my mom’s phone as it was postpaid.

       “Hola Rose! How are you doing bitch?”

“Just can’t wait for you and Venice to come by and so we can go to the fucking concert bitch!” she replied

        “Yeah thenx babe for the tickets, it was a complete surprise for me and Venice and a lucky chance to see the lads.” I tell her

“There is more sweetheart! This isn’t this much I have a got a big BOOM! Surprise and after that may you both give end up fucking me!” she joke and we both chuckled.

               “Well, we’ll be there soon, bdw Rose is it possible for you to ask for the apartment that you were going to book for our stay one day early? Actually there no flights available to LA day after tomorrow and we’ll have to leave tomorrow itself... So if you do something…?” I ask her if she could do anything about that.

  “Well babe that is absolutely possible coz that apartment is our guest house just next my uncle’s house and you can surely come over, and it good that you’re coming early… we can go site visiting for you and your friend, Venice told you getting your friend Parita along with you..” she replied a smile on her face I could feel the way she spoke to me. And we hung the phone

                I must tell this girl is just is full of surprise and I love that about her!

“Mamma (swirling around my mom’s body) Rose said it’s totally fine if we reach there one day early!” I sing and then kiss her on her check and hug her

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