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Roan's P.O.V.

"What do you want to do now?"

Looking at the clock on the wall in Celine's room, I realize that I have been here all day. It's close to 6:30 now, which is too early for me to go home and do absolutely nothing. Earlier, when her parents came home, I actually kind of had an attack. I was shaking when I met them, and I even forgot my own name. But they all laughed, even Celine, and I couldn't helo but laugh too, considering it comforted me.

But that was then and this is now.

"Can we do something? We've been inside all day, so let's go out and do something," Celine abruptly says. "Where do you want to go?"

I stroke my chin, where my invisible beard is, and try to process her question. Where to go...where to-

"I have a perfect idea! But it's a surprise, so bring your blind fold. We'll use my car, considering it's already here, and just tell your parents we are going out for a bit," I reply immidately. My entire body is rushing with excitement. Finally I won't be all alone while doing this anymore.

"It's adorable when you're excited," Celine laughs as she tousles my hair. I roll my eyes with a smile as I jump up off her bed and practically drag her out the door. "Woah. Slow down. The 'speical place' isn't going anywhere....I hope."

"That would be physically impossible," I reply, getting a better grip of her hand. "Unless fields can move."

"'re taking me to a field?" She asks, looking really confused.

"Oh you'll see," I smirk. And she should know, that when I smirk, it is either a really great thing, or a really terrible thing. In this case, it is an absolutely incredible thing.

I can't wait.


"We're here," I announce over my radio. 'Hey There Delilah' by the Plain White T's came on. It is my all time, forever favorite song, so I was blasting it. Turns out Celine loves that song too, which made the experience ten times better. I reach over and turn off the radio as well as the car itself as I say "You can take the blind fold off now."

I watch her every move, like it is my favorite instrument being played by my favorite musician. But she is a million times more than that.

She slowly raises her arms to remove the light blue blindfold that covers her eyes and when she sees where we are, she looks curiously over at me.

'Where are we?" She runs her fingers through her untangled hair as her eyes scan mine for answers. I smile, a big, goofy smile that makes her laugh really cutely as I climb out of the car, and motion for her to follow.

Wow, the memories.

"The field we're actually my entire childhood. And you are the first person I am showing this place to," I grin as we begin to walk next to eachother.

"Why?" She asks, hesitantly.

I look over at her and smile, yet again. "Because you're special." I reply. She just rolls her eyes and smiles at my very explainatory remark.

Then we get to the spot, and I stop in my tracks, looking around at the view.

"Are we even in the same state?" Celine laughs. "I've never even seen this place before, and I am almost never home."

Maybe I would reply, but I am too lost in the beauty of the world. The sun just went down, and you can still see the dim light on the corners of the earth. Beautiful. I don't know why, but something about this...calms me.

"Hey. Come back," Celine says softly as she moves to stand in front of me. I direct my gaze back to her, and I feel the stars above me slowly begin to come out.

"Here, sit." I motion to the ground and we lay down side by side beneath the sky. And it's silent. Not the bad kind of silence you hear when you find out everything is a lie, or when you realize that maybe there isn't a reason to wake up. The kind of silence that's filled with sound.

"You know, I've always loved the stars. The way they make the night sky glow, so the people who are afraid of darkness won't be scared. Like myself when I was younger. I was always scared of what creature would pop out at me in the middle of the night. But when I got older, and...I guess one night I ran away, I discovered this place. And I discovered how filled the night sky was. But still, I wondered where all the stars were," I begin. " of course, the stars were right there, right in the sky! But where were mine? I closed my eyes, and I saw darkness. I flashed back to when I was a kid, and the fear corroded me once again. Because I guess fears never really go away. And to this day, my night sky isn't filled. Because almost all of the people around me think is it okay to just take the stars from my sky. Sure, I give a lot, but that doesn't mean you can just take. But don't fear, for I have one star. My north star, I guess you could say. People may try to make me take my own star out of my sky, they may try to tell me that I should let go and not care about something like that. Obviously they phrase it differently. It's not a 'that' it's a 'her'. You, to be exact. Because you are my north star, the only star in my sky. While people tell me I over think and overreact, or whatever the hell they say, you are the only one that gives me a reason to close my eyes. Because when I close my eyes, it's not darkness. It's you, my one and only. The one star that refuses to leave, even though people laugh and tell me 'what's the point?'. The point is, that I love you. For more than just being who you are. I love you for helping me find my way home."

I take a deep breath, and close my eyes. It's true. I don't see darkness, only one bright light.

"Roan," Celine whispers, rolling over to rest her head on my chest. "What can I possibly say to something like that? A simple I love you is not going to be enough-"

"It is for me," I reply with a grin. "I've never had someone fall in love with me. And honestly, by you just saying that you sincerely love me, it brightens my night sky even more. I don't need a million stars in my sky, I only need you."

Right as that last word leaves my mouth, her lips find mine.

And I'm home.








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