Chapter Ten

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The next game was at Riverlakes Community Center at 12:30 PM. That day we couldn't stop by McDonald's, so I drank some of my mom's coffee. It was horrible! It made me want to throw up, but it would give me long-lasting hyperenergy, so I downed it. You better appreciate this, I thought to my team in general.

When we got to the gym, I told Coach Stephanie, "I drank a whole cup of coffee this morning so I'll have more energy."

"You also might throw up," she said.

"Well, that's sort of a minor issue," I pointed out.

We were playing the Patriot team. I remembered the Patriot team last year...

"Julia, cover #39!" Coach Kevin called.

I gritted my teeth and tried to cover #39. He was faster that me, stronger than me, at least 5'7.

When they called for subs, I sat down on the bench in shame. #39 had made a shot. I was the tallest person on my team, but I couldn't cover him. Josh Ryan was doing a better job than me, and he was shorter than me by a good two inches, the second-tallest person on the team.

I realized I was staring at the opposite wall while the memory took me. I shook myself. This was not 2013, nor was there a tall guy on their team this year.

The game started, and when I went in I never got tired, and I did attempt a couple of shots, but either everyone on my team would have to drink coffee, or we would have to magically get better, because we were losing miserably again.

Maybe it was that they were expecting to lose, so they didn't try as hard. I was trying harder than a lot of them because my team last year had won nearly every game. We were champions of the NOR league. This mindset still stuck with me, and I still walked into a gym expecting to crush the other team. When we were losing by twenty points with two minutes left on the clock, I knew in my heart that our chance of coming out on top was slim, but it was still a chance. My last year's leftover "champion" mindset wouldn't let me give up.

It was bitter. We were slaughtered. It came out 10-36.

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