The Heist

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It's been three weeks since the cave in, my wing has healed a fair amount but still not enough to fly. Ed least it's strong enough now for me to glide and it closes completely. Gray and his friends are still in town it seams there trying to protect the villagers from my fathers pack, lately the pack has started getting bold and stealing from them. Being that the pack was busy harassing the villagers I was able to chase down and catch a deer.

"Finally, a decent meal!" I panted joyously.

As I ate I found myself thinking of Gray. wonder if there still in town, haven't smelled him in a while. Maybe there're just to busy to leave the village? No the sent would have drifted if they had, last trace of the wizards I remember was near the shore. Did they leave? Boat is the only way to get off the village. Wait, why do I even care? They were hired to kill me!

Soon the deer was gone but the thought of the ice maker lingered in my mind. Maybe I should just look for him? Only to get him out of my thoughts, it's not like I care about him I mean like who ever heard of a woloun that was friends with a human let alone cared to talk with one, but I'm not woloun not completely edleast. I started to run down the small goat path towards the village, maybe I could over hear a hint on were to look for the wizards first.

The path was to small for me to properly travel without getting attacked by the undergrowth so the morning rain I had hid from earlier still managed to drench me yet, damn. By the time I was outside the town I looked like I had gone swimming in mud, and sadly it felt like it to, but I didn't care(or more so not at the time, dry mud is a pain to remove from long fur) I had to hear what happened to the three wizards and there pet.

"Mamma why do the wolouns attack us so much?" A little voice whispered.

A little girl was standing next to her mother almost crying, I noticed a claw mark on her leg. No doubt it was still stinging from fathers last intrusion. The poor thing she probably just got in the way and became a stepping stool for the pack.

"Hum? Oh I don't know, it probably has to do with the wizards. when there here the wolouns don't seam to want to come in the village, probably in fear of getting hurt." The mother sighed.

"Then why did they leave?!" Shouted the spirited child.

"They were called back for the wizard competition, apparently the three that came were some of the best in the guild. Now I think of it they should be back in about two days."

I didn't even care to hear the rest, I jumped for joy and ran home. What was I to do for two days? My wing would probably be strong enough to fly by then, but probably only long enough to get on my favourite branch in the middle of the river.

Later that day I was laying atop my nesting tree when I started to wonder if my sad excuse of a father knew that the wizards were returning soon. I decided to go visit him, even if he didn't know about the wizards there was a good chance he would be inching for a fight which would help me exorcise my wing.

"I'm here ya bastards, so back off!" I howled out to the pack as I got closer to there living grounds.

Like normal the flirting began as my howl ended. Sighing at their stupidity I pulled myself up in front of the alpha's den and called out the shady woloun that lived there.

"Well if it isn't my little girly! Now what are you doing up here?" he teased.

"I really wish you wouldn't call me that. Any how, I was in the aria and decided to drop by, after all it's been a while since I have seen any of the pack, what have you all been up to?" I asked.

My father looked shocked at my answer.

"Are you actually interested in what's going on with your dear old dad?" he asked in a surprised tone.

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