The beging of an end

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"The time has started. you have two minutes to talk" Explained Mr. Roberts when he clicked his stopwatch.

Hi Rose. You seem like a really cool person. Your story was sad though. Then again so are the rest of ours. So what do you like to do?", Kayla talked so fast I could barely understand her but she had so much movement and emotion when she talked I figured it out.

"I.....I like to read and write"I said in a quirt voice not only because i was shy but i was still putting together the peices from her last sentance.

"wow! that's so cool you should let me read your work sometime. I like to skateboard but I love to watch YouTube" she more slowly this time but still in her high pitched voice," we should talk later."

Before I could respond Mr.Roberts blew whistle as a sign to move to the next person. We all moved to the right and then again at the next whistle. I don't share those two conversation because they were with the other two girls who I learned were name Katlyn and Brook. They mostly talked about themselves but I didn't mind because I'm not very talkative. It also gave me an opportunity to look around. They all talked to each other like they've know each other for a long time. I guess that's true. I was the new kid and I was the one who every one was supposed to get to know.

"We're going to end early today" said Mr.Roberts who was greeted with cheers," who ever you didn't talk to today you ill talk to next week."

We all stood and while every one else started conversation with each other I started to walk toward the door. I was totally lost and it seems it was noticeable because some one came running behind me and then asked,"Do you need help"

I turned around and found that it was Sam with his same grin. Now that he was close I could see that he was tall and had brown hair that just barely covered his eyes. He had blue eyes that were so bright and full of energy. "Hello? Earth to new girl" I relized I was staring.

" My names Rose an I think I can figure it out. Thank you though."

"She speaks! Well can I at least walk you out?"

"If you really want too"

"Alright then" he bowed and I let a little giggle escape from my mouth and when he looked up at me his grin got bigger and I felt my face heat fast.

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