The attempts

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Klaus was going out of his mind. We invited Alexis in our home and we told her about me. Could this be any worse? Rebekah was screaming at Klaus and Elijah was playing peace keeper while Katherine watched. At this point I couldn't take it. I walked right passed them, grabbed my coat, and opened the door.

"Where are you going?" Klaus asked angrily.

"To Sophie's bar so i don't have to hear all of this screaming!" Klaus sighed as I walked through the door and told Rebekah to go with me.

"I don't need  a babysitter you know!"

"I get that but you don't have to be so bitchy besides us girls have got to stick together", Rebekah said. I calmed down a bit as we walked into Rousseau's. There was a new  waitress there. Rebekah told me she's a practice witch named Katie who owned a voodoo shop. Katie got me some Herbal tea for my nerves and I was about to take a sip but as soon as I inhaled it, I became dizzy .

"Are you OK Hayley?", Rebekah asked. I put the cup down and almost fell over. I finally realized what it was.

"There's wolves bane in my tea." Rebekah sniffed it and knew I was right. We went in the back of the place where Katie was. Rebekah pinned her to the wall.

"Very clever I must say but your Wolves bane didn't work. Now Katie I suggest you tell us who made you do this." Rebekah dropped Katie and she grabbed her neck and coughed.

"It was Alexis, she told us if we didn't kill  the child, it would kill all witches." Rebekah gave her a wicked smile  and Katie had fear in her eyes. In seconds, Rebekah snapped her neck and she was dead. I looked at her with an annoyed expression.

"Was that necessary?", I asked.

"Yes, unless you wanted her to blab to the bitch." Rebekah made a point and I sighed. We went back home and she burned the body. She really liked burning things. I went to Klaus to explain and saying he was furious was an understatement.

"That's it, I don't care if she's with Marcel, I'm gonna kill her."

"Klaus", I said in a sympathetic tone but he cut me off.

"She's a threat to you and our child, every second she's alive and well, you will be paying." I sighed. Something wasn't right . Caleb said she was a powerful witch so we don't know what to expect. All of the sudden Rebekah came in and she was listening to us.

"Yeah, killing her is going to be a problem."

"What do you mean little sister", Klaus asked.

"While you two were bickering i stopped by the Witch's cemetery. Alexis was there and I was going to snap her neck but she used her powers on me. She was more powerful than Davina and any other witch I've seen."

"Great so now this is a problem for all of us" Klaus said. What Rebekah said next shocked us all.

"That's not the worse part. Elijah went with me and I escaped barely. But she has Elijah." This witch had  threatened me and my unborn child but now she was messing with our family.

"So how do we kill the bitch", I said with a murderous expression on my face. She had to and was going to die.

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