folie a deux {It takes 2 to madness}

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Setting: France, 1824

"You are positively mad!" I said while sprinting. Not just a nice little morning jog, It was me trailing behind, yet being dragged by the Doctor. "You must hurry Destery!" I glanced behind us, the kings guards were still trailing us. I knew if I tripped just once I would fall behind the Doctor and they would get me. I felt a tug on my hand from the Doctor "Destery in here, it's the kings thrown, don't worry I'm friends with ole' Louis, lets just say he owes me" Doctor, which Louis?" He smiled "All of them" If we weren't running for our lives I would have laughed at how casually he spoke of his relationships with royalty. He burst in the wooden, gold plated door. Everyone in the room froze, as well as us and the guards who had stopped to bow in front of the king, whose thrown was directly in front of us. The Doctor cleared his throat and spoke "Your majesty, King.." He glanced up "... Louis XVIII" He nudged me "Oh, er, yes, your majesty" I wasnt sure I I should bow or curtsy, so I ended up doing an accidental mix of both. When I stood up I noticed that not only the Doctor, but everyone was looking at me. The doctor looked at the king and rolled his eyes "Please excuse her, she's from... out of town" I nodded. One of the guards spoke up "You Majesty, these two-" The king motioned him to cease. "Guards. Please leave" They looked hesitant, but left nevertheless. "Your Lordship!" The king smiled "Louis, how are you doing?" I looked at both of them curiously. "Oh, please excuse me this is my, er, companion, Destery" The king took my hand and kissed it. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Your Ladyship of Time" I glanced over at the Doctor He opened his mouth "Yes, your majesty, sense I am the Lord of Time, she is the Lady of Time." I nodded and smiled "Yes, your majesty. We are very sorry to barge in like this so we better-" He cut me off "You are welcome in my palace, your Lord he is a true hero of France" I made a noise and the Doctor waved his hand "Oh, your majesty it was nothing" I spoke up "What was-" The king cut me off again "This Lord saved my dear love, comtesse de Balbi." The doctor leaned over to me "His mistress" He whispered. "ah, well, your majesty-" Once again I was cut off "Lord, you have no idea, she paints you often, and talks about you even more, you really made an impression on her." "Well, just doing my civic duty" He looked at his watch "Well, we better be going. This was lovely, really." He opened the door for me. "Good thing we weren't there three years later, only made that mistake once. He realizes why she was so fasinated by me" He chuckled "Wait- what?" I ran to catch up with him.

"How far away the stars seem, and how far is our first kiss, and ah, how old my heart."                                     ~William Butler Yeats

{Song Recommendation: Asking Alexandria, Someone Somewhere acoustic version}

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