The Wolf

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It was a cold stormy night, no one was out, no one but a young girl no older than 8. Her mother had taken her up into the mountain to play a game of hide-and-seek. She had thought it was weird to play a game like that in the mountain, but after a couple of games she forgot about her uncertainty. On the third game it was her turn to count, but his time she was unable to find her mother.

"Mommy! Mommy!" she called out. There was no answer. She sat down and waited for her mom to come back and as the sun sank the temperature dropped. She tried to stay for a little while longer in case her mom came to get her, but the longer she sat there the colder she got. She tried pacing and jumping up and down, but she got tired quickly and it only helped for a short while. She felt she knew the way back to the village so decided to climb down the mountain.

As she was climbing down the mountain when she heard a crunching behind her, "Mommy?" She turned and saw a huge grey wolf. It had scars all over it body and some of its fur was matted with dirt and blood. Its fangs were bared at her as it circled around her growling then it lunged at her opening its mouth ready to take a bite. She screamed frozen in her spot at the same time there was a gun shot. the wolf fell dead in front of her releasing one last growl.

She turned to see who her savior and saw it was her mother. "Mommy!" She exclaimed, glad to be back with her mom. She started crying from the shock and while her mother reassured her it was going to be okay. Little did she know she was use as bait to capture and kill the wolf that had been terrorizing their village. Hopefully she would never know.

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