Chapter three- Ice Cream

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I was walking beside Harry when Robin and Sapphire started to walk beside one another; it was really cute to see. I smiled, as I saw Robin go to hold Sapphire's hand, but Sapphire pulled away, turned to face me, giggled, and ran over, but more it looked more like she was skipping. I knelt down, opened my arms and picked her up when she cupped her hands wanting to whisper something, so I put my ear to her mouth.

“Me like Robin” she giggled

“Do you now, well he is rather handsome” I said in a loud whisper, making Harry prosily hear me,

“Harry not bad either” she giggled

On that note I blushed rather bad, I heard Harry giggle, looked at him and he was blushing, so I turned away, I knelt back down and put Sapphire back on the ground.  She ran back over to Robin and they held hands while walking together, I smiled and saw we were near the Ice Cream shop, I sighed, as I knew once we were finished here, Harry, Robin and today, would be gone.

I watched Robin open the door for Sapphire, which I found really mega cute, I walked to the door and as Robin held it open for me, I smiled and nodded down at him and said “thank you young sir” and I saw him blush. Wait had the hot, confident lad, gone shy?

I walked over to where Sapphire was trying to climb onto a stool, picked her up and placed her down gently pushing her in, then I sat down beside her and the four of us sat: Robin, Harry, Myself, Sapphire.  

“what you all want?” Harry asked

“Chocolate” Robin said all excited

“Can me please have mint coco chip?” Sapphire asked

“yes you can love, Lily what would you like?” Harry asked me

“Can I have Vanilla please?” I asked

Harry smiled at me, nodded and ordered the Ice-cream, within seconds it was with us and ready to enjoy. I started to slowly eat, I looked over at Harry to notice he was staring at me.... did i have Ice cream on my face or something? I giggled slightly and looked away.

I fell shy. Shyer than I had ever gone before, my legs had gone weak, my hands numb, my heart was beating so fast, I felt like it was going to explored, was I in love with Harry? As I looked at him, studying his features, I felt small hands pulling my jacket,              I snapped from my day dream back to reality.

“Sorry thanks for the ice cream but we must be going”

And with that I got up, picked Sapphire up and hurried out. “Bye Robin” Sapphire shouted. I’m sorry Sapphire, i just cant set my self up for more heartache, I just can’t!

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