i'm selfish for thinking this but i don't care sometimes

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Indescribable feelings can make your heart hurt, your brain tired, and your eyes dry. Your eyes lied to me. They whispered sweet nothings into my heart until it beat so fast it jumped out of my chest. I still feel it beating, but it no longer resides inside my thoracic cavity because I'm positive that if it did it would burst just from a secondhand glance in the hallway from you. Your eyes, though beautiful, like your soul, can make or break my day. I am so unfortunately emotionally dependent on you. I bled when you broke my heart, I had not bled for a good while but your confession was the straw that broke the camel's back. I regret pursuing my feelings for you, yet I would do it again. The feeling of complete lust and affection was both beautiful and painful. Everytime I see you, hear your voice, my heart drops in sheer depression knowing that I'll never hold you like I dream, and you'll never kiss me awake from a bad dream or wipe tears from my face. I always wonder if you think about me like I do you. If tears ever fell from your beautiful eyes for me. If you fantasize being with me.

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