fake my death

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                Patrick's pov

I went to go pick Hailey up from the hospital with tazer . Sidney called me and told me he will send he stuff up there. tazer got a call from coach saying we have to be there in about an hour for practice . I walked up to her room . she looked like she was about to throw up. I walked over to her and told her lets levae. she stuck he arms out for me to carry her so I did. she was so helpless . when we got home she told me to come up stares with her she needed to talk to me I was kinda scared because what happens if she wants to fake her death. doubt it why would she wanna do that she is so wonderful I would never let her do that . or there is worse she would want to kill herself but any way I don't know . tazzer yelled and told me to come to practice yeah the last thing I will do is leave hailey home anlone  hahahaha no. so I wwnt up staries and I got he to come to practice I let her bring her phone and her earplugs last time I let her bring thoses she fell asleep witht hem in and it was very hard for her to get up. we all got into the car and left . she ran into the united center really quick . I could trust her by herself because she knew were she was going between me and Sidney . so I am ok with her going were ever I went to the locker room and got me gear on . I went on the ice and she was not in the stands . I really did not care because coach q was giving us a prep talk so who cares were she is well not me . we went into the locker room because were done practicing and I still haveint seen her were did she go . I don't know. I called her like I don't know 20000000 times no answer . I looked over to my side she was with sharpe duh I knew that. I walked over to them sharpe looked up to me what I said haliey really needs to talk to when you get home  . ok. is all I said then we got into the car and went home .

                                        haliey and Patrick are going upstairs

Patrick; whats wrong?

haliey ; uh Patrick I think I found something that will help me from suiside she said prodly

Patrick ; uh ok what is it

haliey I am going to FAKE MY DEATH

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