Then (17)

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After Sarah's death, and then her funeral that followed, Liz wanted nothing to do with me. She wouldn't speak to me, eat with me, or even share the same bed. I had been sleeping on the couch in our penthouse and to add on to all the sadness everytime we happened to be in the same room, she got up and left me. Just my presence angered her. 

Liz blamed me for her daughter's death, and quite frankly I did too. Except with me, I couldn't give myself the silent treatment like Liz did. 

So I did the only thing that would comfort me through all of this pain. I let my business consume me. I became so caught up in making money and getting the business to flourish that at some point in time during those couple of months, I sometimes forgot about the whole Sarah incident. I hate myself now for it, I really do, and I did once I finally remembered what happened all over again. 

I became so obsessed with having the finest money, women, and thingsIt was terrible. I had reverted back to my old ways, the ones that Liz awakened me from when we first met. 

One night I was so caught up in all of the family emotions that this deatht thing was too much of a burden to carry so I decided to do the usual, revert back to my old ways, and get wasted as a bar so I would't have to remember anything.

Little did I realize how big of a mistake that was. 

I spent hours there, chatting with everyone and it was a jolly good time. 

Then this girl who was smoking hot came in and from then on I thought with my groin, rather than with my head. It was incredibly stupid, I know. 

And I have no excuses other than that I was drastically drunk, and Liz wasn't showing any affection to me at the moment. The girl had the same hair and face as Liz. Except she was curvier...those hips could have caught any man's attention. 

So I did what I could like a desperate wild animal trying to find food. I showed off my money and I did everything I could, until I found myself making out with her in the limo on the way home, hoping to bring her home and move through the third and fourth bases quite easily. 

I swear we didn't even stop to breath until we got home. And me being the stupid idiot I am, got wasted at a bar and brought home a girl I was making out with - forgetting all about my beautiful wife waiting at home. 

The limo door swung open and Liz was standing there while my lips where pressed against the other woman's. Liz just stared at me with a tremendous amount of tears welling up in her eyes. Then she runs off crying in the opposite direction. All I could make out in between her distant sobs were the words, "You promised, you promised this would never happen." 

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