***a week later***

'@superxGETTOxFABxFOREVERx13 is such an awful singer and she's so ugly!'

'Molly is so annoying. She doesn't deserve Kian and Andrea..'

'Molly Lawley is such an ugly slut.'

'Molly should go kill herself'

I read on my iPhone screen. After I went through a few, tears welled up in my eyes and the screen became blurry.

I couldn't take the hate. It's only been a week and everyday I go through hundreds of hate and can't find nearly as much love.

Of course I do have fans. I have a lot, but i feel like I have so many more haters.

I just couldn't stand them.

I had to do it. It's the only way to make me feel better. I've heard so many stories about doing this..

I went into my bathroom and opened the door and looked at it.

I grabbed the small pink razor and took off the cap.

I lifted the sleeve of my sweatshirt and applied the metal razor to my soft tan skin.

As it slid down my wrist leaving a red bloody mess behind, I cringed.

It hurt really bad.

I took of the metal razor and stopped.

I felt this tingly feeling inside. It felt good.

I was still crying and one of my many tears dropped and fell onto the bloody mess known as my arm at this point.

I stopped myself and looked in the mirror.

What was I doing?

Have I really come to this?

Just then I got a notification on my phone and without locking it i knew what it said.

Yes. I've become like this. I grabbed the razor again and slit my other wrist.

I am so done.

I'm just done...

--Andrea's POV--

I'm so excited Molly made a Youtube account! She's already so popular.

Someday she's gonna be just like Kian and I.

I can't tell if she wants to to do funny videos or just covers of songs. Maybe she'll do both!

"Hey babe?" I heard Kian ask me from the couch.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"What are we gonna do for Molly's birthday? It's coming up in 2 weeks. She's turning 12!" He said.

Oh right! Her party!

I had started planning it a while ago but then paused it.

"It's gonna be a pool party with all her friends. Then there's gonna be a scavenger hunt to a special party place." I told Kian.

I had it all planned out. I just need the invitation list from Carter which I will get probably tomorrow.

"Where's the special party place?" Kian asked curiously.

I laughed. "It's a secret..." And I shushed him before going back to editing my video on the computer.

Then, Ricky came down followed by Connor.

"Hey we're going on a Taco Bell run. Who wants stuff?" Connor asked.

We all told him our orders and Sam and Kian ended up tagging along.

Then JC got off his lazy butt and went outside to the pool to film his video.

Jenn was somewhere up in her room and so was Molly.

Molly was probably working on ideas for a new video

I realized Molly's iPad was downstairs, so I unlocked it (her password was her birthday-easy) and found Carter's contact. I messaged him on iMessage and asked him for the list of people to invite for the party.

After a while he got back to me with the list and everyone's phone numbers too.

Wow. Thank you Carter.

I texted/ called all of the numbers and invited them. That took me a long time. By the time I was done everyone was on the couch already done with their Taco Bell order.

"Woo. That was exhausting." I sighed and plopped down in an empty spot on the couch.

I realized Molly still never came down.

I wonder what she's doing up there. Maybe her video is just taking a while. Or maybe she's doing homework.

I'll check on her later.






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