Chapter Fourteen ;)

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Here's chapter fourteen!!! (;

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Chapter Fourteen ;)

Ami's POV (;

Kailani looked up at me with an evil grin on her face. Me being her best friend it knew what she grinning about. I mean I hardly know anything about Audrey except for the fact that she "stole Kailani's man." I still think this is wrong! I jus don't say much because every time I do, Kailani want to throw a bitch fit but not today!

"Kailani, why are you doing this to this girl? you hardly know her!" I told her.

"Ami, you already know why. She stole what was mine and I'm going to get him back!" she said calmly.

"Kailani, what the hell!? Liam is not an item you get from a play store. He's a human being, for Christ sake!"

"Ok don't get snippy with me all because he chose me over you!" Kailani said while swiftly standing up. That's what hurt the most. She always brought that topic up when ever I try and tell her something to defend him. She knew I had a thing for him first but decided to go after him. And because she threw herself at him like a slut, he went for her! So I got over it but it still hurts when she talks about him like he's an item!

"We already went over this! I'm over that but you always try and bring it up to put someone on a guilt trip. Thanks for that sweet trip down memory lane but that still doesn't give you the right! Audrey has done nothing to deserve any of-" she cut me off.

"Your defending her? With all the years of our friendship, your defending her?" she said astounded.

"I'm not defending her. I'm jus saying the girl jus got her about 6-7 months ago and you were picking on her the first day she started at our school all because you were threatened and see where that landed you! Do you understand why Liam broke up with you now?" She jus looked at me, not wanting to say the answer. "Your too insecure!!!!" I practically yelled at her.

" I am not insecure!!" she screamed and walked to her bedroom and slammed the door. I followed her and banged for her to open the door. All I heard was a little click. The door unlocked. I opened it to find her on the floor crying. She always was over dramatic!

"I didn't mean that Kailani! Please don't cry." I said in my usual baby voice whenever she starts acting like a 5 year old. I've been doing this ever since we were little. I'm the only one that knows her past and I'm pretty sure that fact that she was molested by her father is the main reason she's insecure! But anyway, as soon as I did that, she, of course, jumped up like nothing ever happened with a simple "OK!" and a smile on her face. I jus rolled my eyes.

"You are never to tell anyone about this! Got it?" she said sternly to me as if she was my mother. I jus rolled my eyes, nodded, and walked out her room. There has to be a way I can tell Audrey that this is a fake...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Audrey's POV ;)

When I got to Sky's, I rang the door bell and waited. Ricky opened the door. he was shirtless and had on some cargo shorts.

"Oh, hey Audrey!" he said to me with a smile. Then Sky popped up bout of nowhere.
"HI!" she yelled making both Ricky and I wince. Then we all jus stood there in silence. Ricky jus looked between Sky and I.
"Soo... can I come in?" I asked breaking the awkward silence. We all jus chuckled and giggled. I entered and saw the living room. It was a hot mess! What were they doing?

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