Chapter sixteen.

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Right so this is the last chapter and then it's the epilogue:( I hope everyone who is reading this is enjoying it or has been. Tell me your thoughts on how the fanfic is...xxxxx

(Louis p.o.v)

I woke up with strong arm wrapped around me. I picked up my phone of the bed side table, it was 9:30am. Me and Harry haven't told anyone that we were back so no one had messaged me. I think everyone had given up on trying to get hold of us after a couple of days.

Harry groaned next to me in his sleep. I pulled myself from my bed and went towards the shower, I pulled my boxers down and hopped in. The warm water hit my body and woke me up that little bit more.

Today I had to contact everyone and tell them I was back. I was ok with telling everyone, apart from Eleanor. I don't quite know how she's going to react. I push them thoughts to the back of my mind.

There was a knock on the bathroom door, I'm guessing its Harry.
"I'm just in the shower haz, I'll be out in a sec."
"My mums on the phone, I'm gonna invite her over, is that ok?" he asked me.
"eh...yeah sure" i replied.

I switched off the shower and towel dried myself. I wrapped the towel around my waist and walked into the bedroom. I found Harry sitting on the side of the bed with his head in his hands. I scurried over to him and knelt down in front of him.
"Hazza, love what's wrong?" I asked not knowing what was coming.
"It's stupid" Harry groaned. What's stupid? I burrowed my eye brows together in confusion.
"Tell me and we can sort it out"
"Y-you know how when w-we were at the c-cottage, it's was j-just us two alone and w-we could do anything we wanted?" he said between sobs.
"Yeah but you've lost me"
"That's the thing Lou, I don't want to lose you." He looked me in the eyes and I knew what he meant.
"Haz, we've worked so hard to get to this and were not gonna give up now ok. Yes it will be different but as long as we're together we can make it through anything." I promised him.
"You promise"
"I promise, now come on we gotta get ready for your mum coming"


(Harry's p.o.v)

The doorbell rang, it was time to show our face again. Louis' hand found its way to mine and our fingers intertwined. He gave my hand a general squeeze.
"You ready" he asked.
"It's now or never" I replied.

I slowly walked towards the door, my hand grabbed to the handle and opened it revealing not only my mother but Louis' also. Louis hand dropped mine in shock. Mum never said she was bring Jay with her.
"Mum what are you doing here" Louis asked with his eye brows knitted together.
"Well hello to you to" she answer with a smile creeping its way onto her face. She opened her arms out for Louis. He hugged her as well as me and my mum did the same. All four of us walked into the living room.

"I think you've got some questions to answer boys" my mum said.
"Well yeah, we're sorry for not replying to any calls and messages." Louis said.
"That's understandable but where did you go?" Jay asked her son.
"Well we went to, you know that cottage that grandma and granddad gave me, we went there." Louis stated.
"I'm glad your making use of it love." Jay said smiling at us both.
"Just don't run away like that again please, you scared everyone" my mum said as she held my hand in hers.
"Well sometimes you just need to get away you know" Louis said looking at me and our eyes meet.

Mum cleared her throat.
"Have you boys got something you want to tell us?" Jay asked. Oh god, I totally forgot they didn't know, i didn't think this through of how to tell them. Would they be mad?
"Me and Harry here, were a couple now." Louis stated proudly.
Both our mums jumped up and hugged us both tightly.
"I'm so glad your finally happy darling" jay said and my mind flew back to Eleanor.
"I'll make sure to look after him and keep him safe" I promised.
"I have no doubt about it Harry" jay said as se hugged me.


We met up with just about everyone for the rest of the day, the same questions were asked and the same answers were given.

Now me and Louis were cuddled up on the sofa feeding each other spaghetti I made.
"See I told you we could make it through together, didn't i" Louis said bringing me away from my thoughts.
"You sure did" I said back to him. And we did, we made it through today and we could make it through any day.
"You think to much you know haz"
"Yeah but that's only because I think about us" I smiled and placed a soft kiss on his forehead.
"I love you, ya'know boo"
"I love you more loubear"

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