One minute I was in the venue holding Kats hand, and then the next I was in the hospital, whatever happened in between was a blur. But there was one thing I knew...Kat was going to have the baby today

I was holding Kats hand as she lay there in pain giving birth...

"C’mon Kat you can do this" I said squeezing her hand and kissing her on the cheek as she pushed.




"C’mon one more little push" I said as I pushed Kats hair out of her eyes

The whole room went quiet as we heard the baby cry...thank god. Kat started to cry with joy. I hugged her and whispered "good job babe".

before we could see the baby it was taken from us, the doctors had taken it to make sure it was okay as it was a few weeks early, and the fact that she got pushed over by...riley. About an hour passed until the doctors came back in holding mine and Kats child...

"We have run all the necessary tests...and you have a very healthy baby girl" the doctor said as he gave the baby to Kat.

"So what shall we name her" I asked Kat as I kissed the baby on the forehead

"Umm how about...Melody" Kat said smiling at the baby

"Yeah I like it...Melody it is" I said smiling at Kat

"I’m sorry to interrupt but there are a lot of people waiting outside to see you" the nurse said

"Is it okay if they all come in" I asked the nurse

"Yes...but they can’t stay to long I’m afraid “the nurse replied




After spencer hugged me I got up...

"Guys are you coming to the hospital...I need to know if Kat is okay “I said asking Dallon and spencer

"Sure...I’ll ask breezy to meet us there" Dallon replied

"I’ll come too “spencer added

I went out to the parking lot where a few fans had gathered waiting to hear news. We all got in my car and went to the hospital. I parked the car and ran into the hospital and went straight up to the front desk...

"Excuse me do you know where Kat urie is…she would have just come in...She is pregnant" I asked 

"Yeah down the hall and to the right...room 20" the woman said directing me in the direction

"Okay thanks" I said as I quickly walked over to the room. Dallon and spencer caught up and where now following me. When I got there Kats family where waiting outside. I went over to Kats mom...

"What’s happening?...is Brendon with her" I asked Kats mom

"Yeah Brendon is with her and she is giving birth at the moment so all we can do is wait and hope they will be okay" she said putting a hand on my shoulder. She looked down at my hand...

"What did you do?" she questioned

"Let’s just say riley got what he deserved" I replied

"Wait...riley did this “she questioned further

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