The Villain Side (boyxboy)

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"Everyone always sees it through the hero's eyes! No one ever knows what the villain's side is!"-Levi Jackson.

In this day and age, heroes once again fly the skies, protecting to the world from the villains slinking the street.

Levi Jackson is a villain. He hadn't always been that way, but certain circumstances pushed him over the edge. He's hateful and cruel, trusting no one except his villain pal, the closest person he can call to a best friend, Charlie Black. He terrorizes the city with Char on a regular basis, masquerading as humans during the day before conducting their dirty work at night.

Castor Pleive is a hero. Not only is he a hero, he's the best of the best. He's sent out to stop Levi and Char with his partner Anna. He expects to subdue the two villains quickly and easily. The only thing he doesn't expect is getting a  powerful glimpse into the past of a broken man.

Rated R. All Rights Reserved.

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