Aurora's pov

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Aurora's pov

When lessons started, I raced inside the classroom ,dragging all my friends and slipped into my chair. I was impatiently waiting for Zayn.

"Come on, where are you?" I mumbled quietly to myself

"Who are you waiting for?" Asked Izzy, one of my best friends, She was sitting in front of me

"Huh! What?" I said, snapping out of my thoughts about the cute Zayn. Wait did I say 'cute'? What is wrong with me?

"I said, who are you waiting for?" Izzy repeated herself and I found out I hadn't mumbled that quietly. She was looking at me for an answer and I knew I had to come clean.

"I'm waiting for Zany"

By this time all of my friends Prim, Lottie and Katniss were listening to our conversation and in a unison they all choed " OHH!!!! SOMETHINGS GOING ON BETWEEN THEM!!!

"No, no there isn't!" I said a bit too quickly and they all took it even further. I felt my cheeks going redder and redder. Only Izzy wasn't saying anything about this. I smiled knowing she didn't jumps to conclusions.

"why are you waiting for him?" she said.

"Oh, um.. I kind of said something harsh to him and I wanted to apologize. Izzy nodded taking it through.

"And um.. why exactly do you need to apologize?"

I began my short story. When I finished Izzy said

"I saw you two staring at each other in a furious way but I couldn't work out why" After she finished her sentence students started entering the classroom. Me and Izzy tried to find Zayn but he didn't arrive. We waited 10 minutes thinking he might be late but 15 minutes into the lesson I shot Izzy a worried look but she said I should just calm down.

Zayn didn't turn up to the lesson at all. As I left the room with my friends, tears started pricking my eyes and I tried to fight them. It is because of me Zayn hasn't arrived and because of me he failed the English exam which was to be done today.

  I felt a hand on my shoulder. I knew it couldn't be Zayn's but I still hoped it was. please let it be Zayn! Please let it be Zayn! I turned around to see Izzy giving me a smile and asking if I was fine.

"Yen, I'm alright now lets go to our next lesson. Wouldn't want to miss science, the last lesson of the day," As we were walking I questioned myself. why did I hope it was Zayn?

When I opened the door to science, my stomach did a double take, my jaw dropped open, and my eyes nearly popped out because there in his seat was Zayn. how did he get here so fast? Why is he here? Why wasn't he in our last subject? Why has he go his face down? All these questions were exploding in my mind when I got a little push from behind. I looked behind and saw Izzy pushing me and all the others were directing me to go to my seat. I sigh before doing what they told me to do.

I slid into my chair and looked confusingly at Zayn. Where should I start from? What shall I say? What will be his reaction? I pushed all these thoughts away from my head and began the conversation with a "Hi!"

It takes Zayn a while to reply but when he does it is so faint you can hardly hear it.

"Listen, sorry I snapped at you at lunch, I didn't,"

Zayn interrupts me and looks me in the eye "Look, you told me what you needed to say, now what else do you want? You wanna still say something about me?"

My eyes were the size as saucers, I didn't dare to breath! I was so shocked! Zayn's face! What had he done to it?!!!!!!

"Wh..what.. ....f.f.face?" I asked whilst breathing.

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