I buried my hands in the warm sand, squeezing my eyes closed under my sunglasses.  I missed the feeling of squishing sand between my fingers and the sun radiating down on my skin.  Summer never disappoints in California.  And spending it with Keaton didn’t hurt, either.  It feels like everything is how I left it two years ago.  Everything was simple and easy.  All Keaton and I did during the summer involved the beach and the pier.  We only stayed inside when it decided to rain, which wasn’t often.

                I sat up and pushed my glasses on top of my head.  I stood up and shimmied out of my shorts, letting them pool at my feet.  I dropped my glasses on the towel and walked towards the shore.  Keaton waved to me with the stupid grin on his face that always made me smile.  He walked out of the water, running his finger back through his hair.  Puberty may have been a little late, but it made up for it.  Keaton has grown up a lot and I’m not okay with it.

                His trunks hung low on his hips, causing a breath to hitch in my throat.  Keaton’s all grown up.  Well, almost.  “Are you coming in?” He asked, snapping me out of my daze.

I quickly smiled.  “Uh, yeah, sure.”

He grabbed my hands, walking backwards until we were in the water.  He pulled me out far enough until the water reached my waist.  “Just like old times.” He smiled, dropping my hands.

I nodded.

I was kind of caught off guard when he splashed me.  “Keaton!” I gasped, splashing him back.

We splashed back and forth, my giggle echoing his.  “I’m going to kick your ass!”

                “You have to catch me first!”

Next thing I knew, he was swimming further away.  Once he was a few feet sideways, he took off towards the shore.  I mimicked his actions, chasing him down the beach.  He looked behind him, smiling as he sped up.  I put more force into my legs, trying to locate any adrenaline in my short legs.  My blonde locks stuck to my face, and I struggled to remove the hair from my eyes.

                I can still hear Keaton giggling even though I’m still pretty far behind.  Come on, legs.  Let’s go.  I felt the sand between my toes as my feet hit the ground.  My breathing was getting heavy and I almost felt like I was going to fall over any minute.  The pier was coming up and Keaton ran under it.  I found more movement in my legs and picked up speed to catch him.

                Before he could get from under the pier, I jumped on him, wrapping myself around him.  My arms went around his shoulders, my legs going around his waist.  “Got you, Stromberg.”  His hands went to my thighs for support.

                “Short and sassy still, I see.” He breathed.

                “More than ever.” I pecked his cheek.  “Now what do I get?”

Keaton turned around, walking us back to our spot with me still on his back.  “What?”

                “I caught you.  What did I win?”

                “To pick the movie out when you come over tonight.”

I let out a sigh, too scared to say anything.  “What makes you think I’m coming over tonight?”

                “Why wouldn’t you come over tonight?”

                “Maybe because I have plans.”

I should have kept my mouth shut.  “I sometimes forget you have a boyfriend.” He murmured.

I do, too.

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