Divergent transfers

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A perfect morning a perfect day a perfect life a perfect faction... To rule

I can hear the train speeding towards us and hear all the initiates jumping off the train. All but 5 survive the jump. Then the first jumper lands at the bottom, a stiff of corse stiffs are always the first to jump like I was the first to jump. I was 16 when I joined dauntless but that was 4 years ago last year they changed the age for choosing to 21 but I am a full dauntless already so I don't need to take the test again.

I ask the first jumper," name?" So we can know the names of the initiates.

He said,"uhh... Ash." He said.

After all the initiates came, I told the dauntless born to go with Christina my second in command. I told the transfers to stay with me.

" transfers my name is tris I will be training you to become dauntless. I am the leader of dauntless compound so no funny business will happen as long as I am near. Got it! Any questions" I say.

I have 15 transfers their names are


Atitnia/smart mouth

Bri/banjo strummin softie

Conny/smart mouth

Cristiain/know it all

Evylin/ know it all

Ewan/ banjo strummin softie

Harper/ smart mouth

Hellen/ smart mouth

Hunter/ know it all

Ian/know it all

Izz/ smart mouth

Kel/know it all

Konner/ smart mouth

Lea/ smart mouth

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