Chapter 2

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Wow i couldnt stop thinking about him i was just so overjoyed and all. I felt so special for once and worth something.

I decided to be brave and comment on his blog.

"Hey its me again. How are you?"

Oh crap what was i thinking he doesn't want to talk to me! What do i do?! I quickly heard a reply

"Hi! Its nice to hear from you! Im great thanks! How are you?"

Did he just ask how i am??? Did he just reply?!

"Im ok thanks!"

Im knew i was terrible but when an attractive boy asks how you are you are going to reply something positive because you dont want to scare him away.

"Thats good :) i would love to hear some more about you and become friends! Is that ok with you?"


"Of course yes! Well im 15, i live in Maine, i love music, and im very shy"

Wow i seem like a total loser. Well i am so why am i even questioning it.

"Cool! Im 18, i live in Michigan, i also enjoy music, and i love soccer"

"Thats really awesome i love soccer too! what position do you play?"

"Im a goal keeper"

Holy crap even more hot like seriously soccer boys are just ASDFGHJKL

"Me too! thats really awesome!"

"Wow very awesome! i never thought i would have so much in common with such a nice girl"

Oh my im trembling now he's already perfect

"Thank you :) you are very nice yourself"

Wow.... did i seriously just say that? ya im pathetic.

"Oh please you're making me blush! ;)"

Oh wow i didnt screw up too much. He has a good sense of humor and he's a flirt double points.

"Oh it was nothing! *bows down*"

"Well who would've know such a gorgeous girl also has a sense of humor?!"

Asdfghjkl did he.. did he... did he j-just say.... gorgeous?! we all know im far from gorgeous. I have hair the color of dog crap, hazel eyes which look like a weird yellow color, Im very pale and as in pale i mean white, and im fat.

"Well thank you im blushing ;) but honestly you must be blind cause im far from gorgeous"

"Im pretty sure im not blind because if i was i wouldn't be talking to such a funny girl. Dont doubt yourself sweetheart. The ugly ones in life are the girls who brag about their 'so and so beauty.' Even if you think you're not pretty i think you are"

Wow im seriously wanting to cry thats the sweetest thing someone has ever told me.

"Wow.... Thats the sweetest thing someone has ever told me thank you. You just made my day."

"I always have time to tell the truth i have to go but we will talk tomorrow. Goodbye sweetheart."


Wow... he is such a gentleman. So kind and caring yet funny and witty. Why does he have to live far away? i cant wait till tomorrow.

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