Chapter 18

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Oscar's pov


The blinding sun shines in through my window, awakening me. I rub the sleep out of my eyes, and let out a slight groan as the pounding in my head continues. Last night was embarrassing at the least, and I don't even know how I got home, or where Harry went.

My ringtone starts to sing. I grab my phone to answer. I let out an annoyed groan when I notice Harry's caller id. I contemplate whether or not I should answer it. I decide to accept the call.

"What do you want Harry?" I spit.

"I'm taking you out today. As an appology."

"O-oh.. Okay?" I try to make my voice fierce and strong, but I become rather embaressed.

"Celly's coming too. As an appology." Harry adds.

"What d-did you do to C-Celly?" I question, afraid of the answer.

"Celly kissed me, and I got more tha angry with her." Harry's voice sounds like he's hiding something else, but I choose to focus on only what he's told me.

"She kissed you?" I know me and Harry aren't boyfriend and girlfriend or anything close to it, but Celly still knows my feelings for him. I can't help to feel angry.

"D-did you like it?" I ask.

"Oh fuck no. It was like kissing my sister. I feel like I should have been arrested."

I giggle at out blatant he is.

"So pick me up at 12:00?" I continue.

"See you then." I can tell Harry winked without seeing him. I end the call and hop out of bed. And rub my temples.

I take a shower, and pick out my outfit. My attire is simple, it consists of a mid thigh high waisted periwinkle skirt, white doc martins, and a white shirt that hugs my chest.

I leave my hair naturally wavy, and let it fall to my waist. I decide to pass the time until noon by reading. I fall into a deep daze between the pages. I'm abruptly waken into reality when my phone starts ringing. A text from Harry lays on the screen.

"I'm outside with Celly. Hurry up, babe."

I blush at him referring to me as babe, but cringe a little at the knowledge that Celly is out there with him. I choose to ignore it, and slip it the door. I'm greeted with a wink from Harry, and a shy wave from Celly. I instantly forget about what Celly did with Harry once I see how innocent she really is. I used to think I was as awkward and shy as they come, but Celly has very well proved me wrong, and Harry has brought out the fun in me.

"S-So where are we g-going?" I question as Harry starts to pull out of my drive way.

"The mall. I thought we could get some clothes and food all together."

I feel a sharp pain in my gut, as I remeber my past experience at the mall. I had gone with my dad, and at leat 20 kids from my school were there laughing at me. This time will be different though. I have two friends with me. The ride to the mall is quick, which is fortunate for me, sense I get awful car sickness.

Celly was the first one out of the car. She stumbled out and sized up the mall. She bit her lips and took a step back.

She played with the ends of her sleeves as if she was afraid to show the rest of her arm. I could easily see her bruises in the sun light, but it looked almost beautiful on her pale skin.

Her head turned to me and Harry, as she discovered we were both looking at her. Celly's gaze shifted to the floor.

"Okay. Were do you guys want to start? This is your day. So you guys can choose." Celly stayed silent and shrugged so I pointed to the main entrance which was Barnes and noble. My favorite store.

Celly let out a squeal and clapped her hands together as she nodded. Harry on the other hand let out a groan sighing. "I guess I forgot who I was hanging out with." Celly's smile grew bigger as she walked infront if Harry and I.

My gaze shifted to Harry's as he smiled down at me. My heart raced extremly fast which made me feel quEzzy inside.

His hand found mine as her intertwined our fingers together. I could feel the scars in his knuckles and I brushed over them with my thumb.

The automatic doors open before us, presenting the smells of pretzels. I notice Harry's nostrils flex at the repulsive smells of women's perfume, and I giggle. He shoots me a playful glance, uses his free hand to push his curly hair back. We watch Celly run up to every stand holding makeup and perfume. Harry and I exchange childish looks as we walk over to Celly.

"Do you want help with any of that makeup?" I ask. I'm not very good at makeup but it might be fun to practice on someone who resembles a doll, like Celly.

"No thank you. I just want some perfume then we can leave this store."

I nod and pull my hand away from Harry's, adjusting my hair. Celly sprays far too much perfume on her neck. Finally she nods and skips out of the store.

"Where should we go, babe?" Harry addresses me.

My cheeks flare, at his little nickname for me. "I-I don't know.. C-can we just walk around until we find some place?" Harry understandably nods, and grasps my hand again leading me down the mall looking for some place to shop. Harry spots something across the mall and gets a childish smirk on his face. He looks down at me and drags me down the hallway, guiding Celly to follow.

"Celly here, go grab some ice cream." Harry hands her $10 and she skips away. He then leads me up to a pink and red striped store. "Victoria's Secret" is printed in cursive letters on the top of the door.

"N-No Harry. I d-don't like this store." I tug my hand away from his.

"Oscar c'mon let's just look around." He grips my arm a little to hard, and guides me inside. Linger in every corner and every color is scattered around in the store. Harry picks up a hot pink lace bra, with matching panties..

"What size are you?" He chuckles, questioning me.

I shake my head.

"I don't want to answer that.."

He rubs his temples. "I'm going to guess. 32D?" My palms start to sweat. I nod my head slowly, and turn on my heels, in attempt to escape the intoxicating smell of this retched store. His large hands grab my arm.

"Oww!" I yelp. He removes his hand quickly, revealing a red mark.

"Oscar.. I'm sorry, I don't mean to be so.. Ruff with you." His words mean nothing to me. I'm not mad, but I don't care that much either. He doesn't mean anything by it, and he just wants me to stay by his side. We walk over to the checkout.

"I'm gonna go find Celly while you buy.. Those articles of clothing." Harry nods and lets me leave.

I walk out of the store to find Celly being towered over by a large figure.

"Celly? Are you okay-" I'm interupted by the stranger in front of Celly.

"Is Harry with you?" A raspy deep voice ask me. I nod my head yes, taking rapid breaths.

"H-He's in a different store right now. But he'll be here soon."

"Good." He smiles.

"This will be a fun little reunion." He whispers into my ear.

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