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Raven Pov

I was losing air, the pressure on my stomach was way more than I could handle . I struggled against the force as hard as possible but I was losing. If this last any longer I'll suffocate!

" Damian get yo big ass off me! " I screamed, inhaling short breaths in between every word.

" Say I win. " Damian replied perched peacefully on my pelvis.

" You win, Damn! " I yell.

He flips me over and lifts his back against our wooden headboard so that im straddling him and we were face to face.

" What do I win? " Damian says. He gives me a cocky grin and his green eyes sparkle with lust.

" Loveeeeeeeee and Affection! " I sing, trying to put my Future voice on.

Damian kisses me to shut me up. that happens a lot. I laugh against his lips and I can feel them turn to a smile.

" Just goofy! " He yells throwing the pillow at my face with perfect aim.

" Round two White Boy! " I leap across the bed to attack.

Its been a year and a half since I met Damian and I've never been happier. He gets me, you know? Im goofy, Im sensitive, I'm stubborn , and emotional, and he doesn't care. He stands behind every decision, every mistake, every crying moment. Everyone hated my decision to stay with him after last year's events, but as time passed he grew on to them like he did me.

I run out the room, hoping to find refuge with Harmony. I run into the room her and Jason share screaming for her to help me. I stare into the empty room and slam the door. I hid into her closet on the right side of her queen sized bed and text her

Me: Where The Fuck Are You?!? Damian Is Tryna Attack Me and He Manhandling My Lil Ass

BigBootyHarmony: Out with Jason. You Bet Not Be Hiding In My Damn Room!

Me: Lmfaoo No I'm -

before I can hit send, the closet door swings open and Damian drags me out by my feet.

" Caught! "

I laugh as he throws me over his shoulder and carries me back to our room.

" This counts as Rape ." I Giggle as he locks the door behind him.

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