Prince Kris Allen Will Help A Long Time Friend Name Adam Lambert Who Is A Lost Prince.

(Kris's Pov)

"Adam.."  I Said.

Adam Nods.

The Slave Looks At Adam,Worried.

"What If It Won't Work,We All Will Die." Said Tommy.

"We Won't Die,Tommy,Trust Prince Kris,He Is Our Only Hope." Said Adam.

"Ok." Said Tommy.

Tommy Is Still Worried.

He Walks By Allison.

"Don't Worry." Said Allison.

(At Night)

Everyone Is Asleep.

But,Adam Isn't Asleep.


"Hey..." I Said.

Adam Jumped.

"Kris..." Said Adam.

"Jumpy." I Said.

Adam Nods.

"I Don't Know...About This." Said Adam.

"You Don't Know,Listen Prince Adam,You Must Stand Up To Drake" Said Kris.

"Stand up To Him,I Don't Think So." Said Adam.

Kris Sighs.

I Am Watching Adam & Kris Talking,I Am Not Asleep.

What If Drake Kill Us All.

Image It.

Alot Of Death Infront My Eyes,Losing A Love One And Losing A Friend,A Family.

I Looked Across And See Neil,Got Up To Talk To His Older Brother.


I Got Up Quickly And Runs To Adam.

Adam Touch His Cheeks.

"Be A Grown Man And Be A Brave Prince And You Must Rule The Kingdom,Do You Want The Damn Kingdom Suffer." Said Neil.

Adam Shakes His Head.

He Couldn't Believe It.

Neil Say A Foul Word From His Mouth.

(Tommy's Pov End)

(Adam's Pov)

Neil....Slapped Me.

He Cursed At Me.

My Younger Brother.

I See Tommy,Looking At Me.

I Sighs.

"Alright." I Said.

"Good,Now Stop Being A Bitch And Be Like A Royal Prince." Said Neil.

"Yeah,Yeah." I Said As I Hit Neil With My Middle Finger.

I Went To Sleep And So Did Tommy.

(Meanwhile With Drake,At Night)

Drake Is Walking In The Halls,Seeing A Photo Of Adam.

He Grab The Photo And Burned It In The Fire.

He Smirks.

"This Kingdom Belong To Me Nobody Else." Said Drake.

A Slave Has Spoken Up.

"Wait Till Our Hero Come Back And Kick Your Butt!" Yelled A Slave.

Drake Snapped At The Slave And Grab A Whip And Beat Her.

"Shut Up!!" Yelled Drake.

The Slave Covers her face with her hands,crying in tears.

drake smiled.

(the next morning)

drake is in bed,waking up,yawning.

he hears shouting and yelling from outside.

it's the people in the kingdom!!

they demanded the king to let the kids not to work,not let womans to work.

but,drake doesn't care.

"guards! beat all of them,all of them!!" yelled drake.

"yes sir!" shouted the guards.

drake smiled.

hearing alot of slaves screaming,young kids,hiding from him.

(back to adam & tommy)

adam and tommy is awake frist,seeing ashley & allison is asleep.but where is issac & brian?

they looked into the rooms and see brian & issac in the bathroom,brushing their teeth together,then tommy sees servents bring clothes for them.

tommy the slave,is slightly confused.

"what kingdom is this?" asked tommy.

"this kingdom is full of kindness,no slaves treat badly,no whipping,no beating on people." said adam.

"oh." said tommy.

"yea." said adam.


by morning,adam and tommy is getting dressed.

"finally,free for wearing good clothes,not dirty clothes." said tommy.

"was drake treating you and sauli a bad time." said adam.

"fuck yes,he beat me and tommy,we were his puppet." said tommy.


Sauli Is Wearing His Slave Clothes,Seeing Tommy.

"Tommy!" Shouted Sauli.

Seeing Tommy With Ripped Clothes,Bleeding from the chest,back,leg.Scars on his back.

Tommy passed out on the floor.

"Tommy!" Shouted Sauli Again.

He Tried To Wake Him Up,Till Another Slave Comes By Him And Helped Tommy Up.

"He Beaten Him Enough Today,He Doesn't Need This Anymore,He Need His Master,My Best Friend Adam." Said Sauli.

A Female Slave Covers Sauli's mouth To Be Quiet To Not To Say Adam's Name.

Drake Enters The Slave Room,Looking Around,Seeing Sauli & Tommy.

The Female slave Let Go Of Sauli.

"Drake,You Have Gone To Far!!" Yelled Sauli.

"Have I?" Said Drake,Holding A Whip In His Left Hand.

Sauli Looked Down And See The Whip.

Sauli Begins To Run But Drake Grabbed Him By The Neck.

He Took Sauli To A Room,Making Sauli Screaming So Loudly.

With Tommy,He Woke Up By Sauli's Screaming.

He Begins To Cry.

Sauli Doesn't Want To Be Punished Or Get Whipped By Drake.

Every Slave Wish Is To Be Free.

(Flashback ended)

by the table.

Allison & Ashley Has Been Awake.

Tommy & Adam Sees Prince Kris.

Prince Kris Prepare For His Guards For Training To Protect His Kingdom And To Fight With Drake.

Prince Kris Looked At Adam.

"This Is War,We Are Going To Have A War,Fight For Freedom For The Slaves." Said Kris.

"W-War." Said Tommy.

Prince Kris Nods.

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