Chapter Fifty-Three

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"I love you," I say quietly. He leans his head in to kiss me, this time not as rushed and more soft. He loves me.

"Now get naked so I can shower, we need to leave in half an hour and I have no clue how long Lacey will be sleeping for," I nod quickly and slip my short off before, reluctantly, taking my top off. I sneak a worried glance in the mirror and frown before Niall scolds me.

He helps me by unhooking my bra and sliding my panties off my long legs. "You amaze me every time I see you, you are so fucking beautiful," He kisses me quickly before taking off his own underwear and holding my hand as we step into the shower.

"She can wake up any minute, Ni," I say after a few moments of silence. He groans and pulls our wet bodies together. His lips crash with mine while he runs his slick hands along my sides, ending on the back of my thighs to cup them and lift me up, my legs coming out to wrap around his lower stomach.

"Stop worrying so much," he mumbles against my neck, sucking fiercely while his hands stay firm on my bum.

"Niall," I moan out while he continues to suck a bruise into my neck, I feel his smirk against my neck, knowing he won me over. He slips me a little lower so our middles are pressed together and we both let out a satisfied moan when our hips roll together.

"Wait-" I say quietly. He immediately stops and looks into my eyes.

"We don't have to go all the way, It's been a while and I don't want to hurt you," he answered my silent question. I feel relief wash over me and nod. "Only fool around a bit."

"Okay, fine with me," His hand comes to land flat again on my bum and he pushes pressure, making our hips collide again. I moan out and feel him continue to grow harder while we dry hump, or not so dry since we are in the shower.

Only a few moments later and he sets me down, picking up the shampoo and beginning to wash my hair for me. "I will finish in a minute," He lightly mumbles before kissing my cheek and running the strawberry shampoo out of my hair, under the shower head. I put conditioner in my own hair and am almost done washing it out when a loud whaling is heard.

"She's awake," Niall slightly smiles. I roll my eyes, the only reason he is smiling is because, one, he loves her to death, and two, he knows I will get her. I let the wash of the conditioner out of my hair in record time before placing a kiss to his lips and stepping out, grabbing a towel to pull around me and tuck in  my under arm and grab another one in the cabinet to wrap in my hair.

"Love you!" I hear Niall call after me, I look to see him looking at me through the thin glass of the shower. I lift up my middle finger before mumbling, I love you, and going to get our baby.

I open the door and move the curtains making some sunlight show though, before walking over to the wailing baby. "Well hey there, pretty princess," I say in a baby voice. Her eyes are squinted as she barely lifts her head up, her mouth wide open in a cry. "No, let's not cry, mummy is here," She opens her little eyes to reveal the crystal blues I have fallen in love with. Her cries seam to calm down as I lift her into my arm, letting her rest her tiny head on my damp shoulder.

"Let's change your diaper," I say to her and lay her down on the changing table. When I am done I put her into a pink onsie and sit in the rocking chair, letting her giggle as I bounce her on my knees. "You hungry?" I say as I notice her pursed lips. She continues to giggle as I undo the top of my towel, letting her rest in my arm and eat.

Not even two minutes later, the door opens and Niall walks in. His hair flat and a towel around his waist. I meet his eyes and his shine brightly as he walks over to me, kissing Lacey on her head and kissing me on my cheek.

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