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I wake up alone, only the slight puffs coming out of Sadies mouth while she sleeps at the end of the bed. Confused, I walk into Laceys room to see her fast asleep, good. My feet take me down the stairs, the cold tile of the kitchen meeting my bare feet moments later. I look on the clock by the stove to see it is 8:15 a.m. which means I have probably only a little while before Lacey gets up, but I'm not sure.  

"Shit," I curse when goose bumps arise on my skin. I am in only short  cotton pink shorts with a tank top, not my best move in the cold. It is September though, so I don't get why it is already cold.

I hear footsteps and turn to see Niall in only a pair of sweatpants, making his way into the kitchen. I smile as he silently walks over to me and places a small kiss to my cheek, warming me slightly. He rubs my arms, probably noticing I'm cold, before pulling me into him. I rest my head on his chest and release a content sigh.

" G' morning, babe," He pulls away so he can kiss my lips before pulling me back into him and tightening his grip around my waist.

"Why are you up so early?"

"I have to leave in half an hour, we are shooting a music video later for our single," He says and squeezes me. "You are freezing, baby," I nod and cuddle closer into him. I feel his hands run up and down my back trying to warm me, his hand slips to my bum where he squeezes softly before bringing his hands back up to my lower back.

"Why is it so cold?" I groan, he laugh lightly before we pull away. I know I must look like shit, I still have a little pudge on my stomach and my hair is probably everywhere at the moment.

"It is mid September," He states matter-of-factly before pulling me by my waist so our middles press together.

"It usually isn't this cold in September," I whine. He rolls his eyes and pecks my lips three times.

"I need to go shower, Lou said we won't need you today but you are welcome to come, she is dying to meet Lacey," I nod my head and kiss his lips, a little more forcefully. His lips lace with mine while he tilts his head, making us have a better angle for a passionate kiss.

"I think I may go, I haven't been out of the house in over a month," He agrees that that would be good for me, before taking my hand in his and walking us into our room. I slip out and check to make sure Lacey is sleeping, just one more time, and walk back into our room.

"She's asleep," He nods and pulls his sweat pants off to reveal only a pair of white tight boxer briefs. He walks into the bathroom and turns the knob to our shower before pulling two towels out of the cabinet and setting them on the counter. I walk into the now warm with steam bathroom and lean against the sink.

"You, are showering with me," He points at me. I frown, he hasn't seen me naked since I have had Lacey and I am kind of self conscious.

"What- no, I will just shower after you," I say quietly. He sighs and walks up to me, pinning me against the sink.

"Why won't you shower with me? This is the third time in a week you have said no," His voice is stern but he wears a sad frown.

"I just... I haven't gotten to go to the gym or pay attention to my body and I don't feel very confident in it at the moment, so I really do not feel like showing you my body when I am normally at least a little more fit but I am not right n-" I am cut off with my rambling by a chaste kiss. I feel his body come closer to mine as our whole bodies press together, his hands on both my cheeks.

"Baby," Niall says, slightly out of breath, when we pull away. His hands don't move from my cheeks while he runs his thumb under my eyes, where tears are threatening to fall. "You are so fucking beautiful, I love you however you look, okay?" His gaze only goes more intense by each word he says.  "And you are in amazing shape, I have seen some people after having babies and they look nothing as beautiful as you, you are amazingly beautiful and fit and sexy," He finishes with a lip bite. "So sexy, you make me want things I have never thought I wanted, but man, you are amazing."

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