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Jack is only 300 hundred years old and yet he knows almost everything there is to know about his power given to him by the Man on the Moon. 

Elsa, a former queen of Arendell, has long since given her throne to her sister, Anna, and her husband, Christoff. She has remained a favored and trusted advisor to the crown in the last 600 hundred years, long after Anna's children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and even great-great-grandchildren, have passed onto the next life. Elsa has gotten lonely in these long years and has yearned for a companion that can withstand her power. Now in this new, empowerd, industrialized and futuristic version of her beloved kingdom, she still must be careful of her beloved, long-great nieces and nephews-- none of which have her power, and only one of each generation can ever know her secret in it's completion.

Little did she know that the Guardians are investigating Jack's origins and the only lead they have are the legends and rumors of a woman with the grandiose power of the Snowflake in her bosom.

Little did he know that they aren't related whatsoever, but will be changed forever by their first meeting.... 

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