The Looks

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"Um, hello". I said in a questioned voice "May I come in?" The strange man asked. "Sure". I said leading him to my living room. "Would you like a cup of coffee?" I asked the man "No thanks darling". He replied "My name is Darien Woods". He told me "Nice to meet you Mr. Woods I am-" "I know who you are". He interrupted. "And please just call me Darien". "Oh um, okay Darien". I said "Katerina told me all about you". He said looking me straight in the eye with that smirk he had when I opened the door to see who it was.

"Katerina?" I said shocked in fright "Yes, Katerina". He said laughing "I- I have to go to school". I stuttered as I got my backpack and ran out the door.

"Where do you think your going?" He said with that smirk again as he somehow got right in front of me in a split second. "What are you?" I said finally gaining confidence "That's not your concern nor your business". He said "Just leave me alone!" I yelled and started running again.

I looked behind me, there was nobody there. What the hell is going on?

I have no clue but I'm going to find out.

I walked to school thinking another man was going to sprint in front of me and tell me that they know everything about my life. But, nothing happened unfortunately.

"Hey Eileen!" A girls voice shouted. I turned around to see a blonde haired teenager with sparkling blue eyes that spoke of nothing but kindness and cheerfulness. She was wearing a wildcats cheerleader uniform. The wildcats were our schools mascot. "Hey Caroline". I said smiling "So, have you've been working on that smile for me?" She smiled even brighter. Her smile always said something like:




"Yeah, sure I guess". I said pondering

"Awesome!" She said jumping "Well, I gotta go get my new schedule." I said pointing to the office. "Okay! Bye Eileen!" She shouted back.

I went to the office to get my new schedule. 'Biology, Geometry-' I murmured as I bumped into a handsome boy with brown hair and gorgeous hazel eyes. "Oh my god I'm so sorry". I said as my eyes widened in guilt and embarrassment "No, no it's okay it was my fault I wasn't looking at where I was going". He said as he picked up my books and my schedule I was stunned by his nice personality and his good looks. If there's one thing at this school it isn't good looks and nice personality for guys it's one or the other.

"Looks like we have first period together." He said trying to hide his smile "Biology? I mean duh I mean-" I said as my face got pink.

"Yeah biology. Can I walk you?" He said. "Sure". I replied. He's such a gentleman!

We walked there in silence. There was a seating chart! Of course something has to get in the way of my flirtatious mood and my going into a relationship mood.

"You sit diagonal from my desk". He said "Okay". I smiled "Good morning class!" The teacher said as he walked in, in a confident way. "Good morning" a few classmates said.

The teacher talked but I wasn't listening I was too busy daydreaming about the new kid "Uh hem, Eileen Gilbert did you hear anything I just said?" The teacher said in anger "I- Um no." I said in embarrassment "I was just introducing the new gentleman here." He said smiling and signaling him to go over there "This young mans name is Stephan Salvatore." The teacher said as the students yawned.

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