Chapter 4

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"Our flight is at 9:00 pm tonight so we need to start packing."

Sasha nodded and grabbed her dark blue luggage bag from the back closest as I grabbed my Black luggage. With our big luggage bags we had a carry on.

"I still can't believe you didn't tell me!"

"Sorry Sash but how was I suppose to tell you I'm related to one of our idols? Hmm? Tell me Sasha how?"

"Erika I don't know how but we are best friends! We live together. You should have told me."

She looked sad now so did I.

"I'm sorry Sasha next time anything like that happens I'll tell you. Anyways, I heard that Matt got a thing for you."

Her face lit up as she made a squeak sound.

"Really! How do you know?"

"Okay so yesterday Taylor called me and said 'Tell Sasha about us being related' blah blah blah and he also said when he showed Matt the pic of you I sent him his face got really like, interested."

She smiled and continued packing.

"So we are staying only for 2 weeks?"

I nodded to her answer as she face grew long.

"Why the long face? You think Matt won't like you in 2 weeks?"

She nodded. Of course that's why. I walked to her and grabbed her shoulders.

"Don't worry Matt will love you!"

I hugged her as I felt a tear drop onto my shoulder.

"Trust me Sasha he will."

We got out of our hug and I went back to packing.


I looked up at her to see what she needed.


"Till the very end."

I smiled. We always did that. When one girl need the other we would ask 'Sisters' and the other would reply 'till the very end'. It's our thing.

"Does Nash know you like him?"

Good question but I couldn't find the answer.

"I think Taylor already told him that I do like him, but honestly I'm not sure."

"I'm sure Taylor told Nash because of he didn't why did he only tell Matt I liked him and show a picture of me. Which I don't know which one you sent."

"I sent him the one that you took on Christmas Eve."

"Oh I like that one I had my plum dress, hair straighten, and makeup done perfectly."

"Yeah. Speaking of Christmas, its going to be Taylor's birthday in 1 week so we can celebrate there!"

"That sounds great, but what does it have to do with Christmas anyway?"

"There both holidays!"

"Oh I see."

I closed my Black luggage bag as she closed her carry on.

"You ready?"

She asked me.


I put my piece of jewlary into my bag.

"Okay ready!"

We left our apartment, saying goodbye but not forever.


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