May 14, 2013

Paris, France

D. Roux Appartements

I dragged my laptop case as I entered my apartment. It has been another stressful day at work. "Bonsoir, Ryden! I made dinner tonight. Would you like to come over?"my friend and landlady, Devonne, greeted as I was getting my keys to my apartment.

"How lovely thank you, Devonne. I have work to do so I can't maybe next time." I smiled even though it was evident that I looked tired.

"Then, I shall come to you! I needed the company anyway." she responded while going back to her house to get the food she made. My first two weeks in Paris was one of those which I don't want to remember. It was hard living alone especially when you miss your family all the way.

I opened the door to my apartment and put down my things on top of the coffee table. The apartment I'm staying at is not really that exclusive nor poor. Let's just say it's good enough for me to keep my sanity in check whenever I miss Miami.

From my window, I could spot Devonne's house. The design of the apartment is not really that complicated. It is built beside Devonne's house serving as a small business which explains how much I've saved for the past two and a half years.

"Ryden! Sorry to keep you waiting it's a long way up rather than down. I made pasta and chicken your favorite I presume." Devonne exclaimed without even knocking on my door.

"Bonsoir, Devonne! Thank you for your time I hope I was not a bother." I said sitting down beside the dinner table while she puts down the food she cooked.

"It is not a problem, Ryden! You give me company whenever Marco is away so we just give and take. No problem at all." she said excitedly while preparing the utensils.

Devonne Roux is one of my friends here in Paris. She is a friend and at the same my landlady. Even though she owns the apartment she never failed to always be friendly to her customers and in time we've grown attached to one another after a month of staying there.

We sat in peace and ate our dinner while laughing and chatting all the way through. Devonne is a very nice woman and I am lucky enough to have a landlady almost the same age as me. She is two years older than me and business ventures is her way of living in Paris.

Most of the time she spends her dinner with me because her boyfriend, Marco, is always unavailable during the nights because of his work. I gladly accept her company and besides she always makes the tastiest dinners.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

"Your tablet is beeping." Devonne said while listening to the soft jingle tune from inside the room. I stood up and shuffeld through my bag. When I finally held the tablet I saw Ryder's email requesting for a video chat.

I tapped the accept button and out came Ryder's face on the screen. "Good evening, Ryden! How was work today?" he greeted while I went back to the dinner table. "Stressful but satisfying." I replied while shoving a piece of chicken dipped in gravy into my mouth.

"Bonjour, Ryder!" Devonne greeted my brother. Since, we've been eating dinner together for a long time she came to know my family in the process.

"Hello, Devonne. Let me guess Marco not home yet?" Ryder asked making Devonne giggle. It's like they know each other so well even though they only see each other through my tablet's screen.

I interrupted their chitchat letting the tablet face me instead of Devonne. "Where's mom and dad?" I asked trying to configure where my brother is staying.

"They're at the house. I'm calling you from my penthouse because I had a meeting earlier and it ended late again." he said while brushing off his golden brown locks.

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