Chapter 5

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Days has passed and I didn't have any calls from Zach recently and I was happy. Hearing his voice makes me remember what he did to me, for the first time.


“Oh yeah!"

Mmm baby"

“Ugh, faster mmm.. Faster, yes yes!"

“Baby hmm" I tried to cover my ear blocking their nasty voices, didn't they know that's its so awful to hear them?

“Oh baby I'm coming!" The slut said from OUR room, obviously I'm in the guest room as always but their voices are so loud.

I heard someone groaning obviously its Zach from its voice, then some scrambled feet, I heard the door open and foot stomping in the stairs then a door opened, thank goodness they're done. I got out from the room and come to our room. I stopped in my tracks to see our room.

It was messy and there are a lot of white liquid on the floor and a packet of condoms and a--FUCK ARE THOSE SEX TOYS?! I quickly walked over to it and grabbed one, it looks like a penis size and there's a switch in the bottom. I switched it on and it vibrates in my hand.

“Imagine that over your sex" a voice startled me and I jumped and switch the thing off and put it back in the bed, I turned to face him but I was only hit by a toned abs chest. I look above seeing my husband, Zach, shirtless and hovering to me.

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