Infatuation (A FourTris FanFic)

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Maybe my life could have been normal. 

Maybe my life could have been something real. 

Maybe, just maybe I didn't have to be me. 


Beep. Beep. Beep. 

The damn alarm clock always wakening me from sleep. "Tris, get up!" I heard Caleb call from downstairs. I groggily opened my eyes as light filtered in from the closed curtains of my bedroom. First day of school and I am already hating it.

I get up and walk to my closet. I searched through it and found a white crop top shirt that had "Find your happy place" written on it. I quickly put that on along with a pair of light wash jeans with rips in them. They were purposeful rips though. I put on some black sandals and quickly grabbed my back pack. Time for school.


I make to school in my car. It is a white lexus, I didn't want the ferrari because I didn't want people to notice me as much as they do. My parents are rich so they would buy me anything, I am such a spoiled child. 

I get out of the car and go up to my boyfriend Eric. He is the "badboy" of the school and is very popular. Eric is nice but sometimes where he has these mood swings and it scares me. I feel like he might hurt me. Something might trigger it and he could just explode, on me. 

I don't know, I think I am over reacting. Everyone gets angry. I take his hand in mine and kiss him on the cheek. He smiles and turns to me, kissing me on the forehead. I hear a few "awes" go around our little group of people as the bell rings for people to know we have to get to our lockers. I smile and look Eric in the eye, he looks happy. 



I get to my locker and pull out my scheduele. 

Math ~ Ms. Mathews 

Biology ~ Dr. Frank

Chemistry ~ Mr. Hank 

French ~ Mrs. Islamey 


History ~ Mr. Sullivan 

Free Period 

Music ~ Ms. Wu

Drama ~ Ms. Wu

I push my locker closed and take out my books for the door. I hear the other locker door slam next to me as the halls are starting to drain of people. I look to the locker next to me. A girl with dark brown hair and mocha skin is hustlining to reopen her locker. I sigh, newbies. 

I put my books down, "Here let me help you with that." The girl reluctantly gives up and backs out of my way. I kick the locker and it opens. I look to her and smile. 

"There, the locks sometimes don't work and these lockers are crappy. I'm Tris." 

"Oh, wow. Thanks, I'm Christina." Christina says grinning. 

I smile and pick my books up again. I start walking to class. 


I got to class and took my seat. I look around, no friends. I sigh. I open my notebook and write the date and subject at the top and start doodling in the corner of the page. I hear chatter fill the room as friends talk with each other. I am in the back corner doodling. I was kind of hoping Eric would be in the same class with me, but of course I had to get into an enriched class, and of course it's math. 

The chatter stops as I look to my side. A guy with dark brown hair and electrifying blue eyes sits next to me. He is talking to Christina and few other people I vaguely recognize. 

"Hey," Christina says to me, all perky. 

"Hi," I respond looking up from my doodles. 

"I didn't know you were in this class!" She exclaims as her friends look at her wondering who she is talking to. "Oh," Christina says looking at her friends, "This is Tris. She helped me open my locker. Tris, this is Al, Will my boyfriend, Marlene, Uriah, Zeke, Shauna, and Four." She points to each one of them and lingers a little longer on Will giving him loving eyes. 

"Hi." I smile. They smile back and "hi"'s and "hey"'s fill the room. I smile shyly and look back at my drawing as they continue to talk amongst themselves. I slip back into drawing, into my perfect world where I can't get hurt. Where I have a chance to make a difference, where people will actually care. 

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