Harry’s lips slowly hovered over mine and I could smell the cool, fresh mint from his breath. I looked staring at his lip ring trying not to notice that his lips were coming closer to mine. I had wild thoughts- most of them negative, about this kiss. It was wrong, nor it was natural, I had just agreed for him to kiss me to forget about him. What the hell is wrong with me? I don’t know how in the world I justified this before? He was not here and I needed to get over it and not by putting my lips to other guys. His green colored eyes met my blue ones for a millisecond before I sharply turned away.

“What the fuck” Harry said angrily. “I’m sorry it just dawned on me that it wasn’t right. I am so sorry” I tell him in an apologetic voice. “God, just lets go” he says while getting up and taking long strides to the motorcycle that kept me running to catch up to him. “Harry, wait, slow down” I say out of breath. He doesn’t reply but instead continues a tiny bit faster. I jog a little faster and grab his arm forcing him to look at. “What the hell do you want” he almost screams at me. I am taken back, I immediately let go of his arm and tentatively take a few steps back. I am scared, his eyes are almost black than his usual normal green color and anger is just rolling off of him in waves. I’m stiff and I whisper “I’m sorry, Harry” my throat hoarse. I look back at him, he is still furious but his posture has stiffened, “just get in the motorcycle” he says in a tight voice. I don’t talk back and obediently get into the motorcycle. “Don’t forget to wrap your arms around me” he says a tiniest bit less angry. I nod my head and try to forget about his temper and focus on the twinkling lights.

I jump off the motorcycle and Harry stashes it away. He seemed to be back to normal so I remind him of the bet, “you know technically I won because you cussed at me” I tell him. “Is that why you rejected me because you wanted to win the damn bet” Harry says between his teeth. “No, of course not I told you it just didn’t feel right” I explain. “Of course it didn’t feel right because you’re a virgin” Harry argues with me. “Excuse-me, so what if I am that means I have more respect for myself than you do” I defend myself. “I bet you never even kissed a boy” he hisses back. “I may not be a whore like some of your friends but I have kissed people” I icily reply back. “Are you calling me a whore” he says, “no, but you do qualities of one” I say realizing that word may have just added more gasoline to the already ignited fire. He turns to me and before I know I am pushed up against the cabin wall his face a few centimeters away from mine. I hold my breath while he speaks slowly and slightly threatening “I am not whore nor do I have qualities of one get that through your damn head” he tells me his fingers tightening around my small wrists. “Let go of me” I demand, only to find out his fingers formed tighter manacles on my wrists. “You’re hurting me, Harry” I half-shout to him. Worry I think maybe passed through his eyes before he immediately let go of my wrists. He grabbed my right hand and searched for any developing bruises. “Why are you so angry in the first place” I say crossing my arms over my chest. “I was not angry” he argues back, I roll my eyes “yes, you were you cussed at me and you insulted me” I say back. “I wasn’t angry, that you didn’t kiss me” Harry shouts at me. “You have such a big ego, why can’t you just admit it” I tell him walking towards our cabin. “I was not angry, do understand that. Were you always this bitchy and annoying to your boyfriend no wonder he left you” Harry smirks at me directing that towards my weak spot. I fight back the tears and stand a little taller but I am hurt just twenty minutes ago he felt sympathy towards me about him leaving now he was exploiting it. I breathe heavily and I respond, “he didn’t choose to leave me Harry, he died” I tell the truth a neutral tone. I walk past him and I see a shocked look on his face. “Aria, wait I didn’t know” he calls after me but it’s too late the memories already resurfaced.

(A/N): Sorry for the long wait I know I made promises but I had writer’s block and I wanted this chapter to be good. Sorry if I disappointed anyone because they didn’t kiss but it would be too soon and wanted the tension to keep building up. But on the more important notice 224 reads y’all are incredible. xoxo 

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