Everyone Out!

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Brodie's POV:

Tiana runs out of the room while the rest of us stand still, in shock from what just happened. How the fuck is that thing not dead? It was shot in the head. Twice. In all zombie movies the zombie is supposed to die when they get shot in the head right? Wrong. This thing was alive and even worse... hungry. The... zombie finishes with the guard and turns to us, blood dripping from the corners of its mouth and flesh still caught in its teeth.

Jake: I think we should probably follow Tiana's lead and you know, get the hell out here!

We all look at each other and a split second later, we run. At least most of us do. The blonde girl still stands in the room, frozen in fear. I turn around a try to go back for her, only to be greeted by Jake pushing me back.

Jake: What are you doing? We have to go. Now!

Brodie: We can't just leave her there Jake.

Jake: You know what, fine. Go, but I'm leaving.

Brodie: You should probably warn people though.

Jake: Good idea. Now go get that girl before it's too late.

I run back to the room and practically drag the girl out. I don't know how she's going to survive if she's already this traumatized. I manage to get her to walk on her own though. When we get out of the room I can faintly hear Jake and others telling everyone to get out, but I don't see anyone out in the halls trying to evacuate. Do these people not want to live or something? I turn around to make sure the blonde girl is still following me. That was a mistake. The zombie had followed us an caught up with the girl. There's no way to save her now. I say in my head. I try my hardest to block out her piercing screams and run to catch up with the others. By then I couldn't hear their voices anymore so I had no idea where to go. I pick and random hallway to go down and hope for the best.

Izzy's POV:

I'm walking around the museum, looking at the artifacts when I hear yelling. Whoever it was is too far away for me to hear clearly but as they get closer I can make out what they say: "Everyone out! There's a zombie in the building" I laugh. Zombies? They've got to be fucking kidding. I mean if you're gonna insight panic at least come up with something believable. I turn to Lizzie who is walking around with me.

Izzy: Do you hear this bull shit? Come on seriously, zombies? Who do they think they're fooling?

Lizzie opens her mouth to speak. Then we hear a scream. A deafening, hair raising, high pitched scream. I cover my ears to drown out the unpleasant sound.

Izzy: What the hell is that?

Lizzie: I don't know nor do I want to.

Izzy: Well it's pretty fucking annoying. Maybe we should go see what's up.

Lizzie: Um I don't think so. That has bad idea written all over it.

Izzy: What if someone's hurt

Lizzie: Then let someone else deal with it. I don't think we should get involved Izzy.

Izzy. Fine.

The screaming stops and I let out a sigh Finally. Only that peace didn't last very long because soon after the screams stop, the kids that were warning about the "zombies" come in. A girl, Natalie I think, starts to speak.

Natalie: You guys need to get out of here now. I know it sounds crazy but there are zombies in the building.

Izzy: Is that really the best you can come up with to start a panic over nothing?

Natalie: This is not a joke we just witnessed a man die and come back to life as a... a living corpse. Then we watched that same man eat someone. He- no it just tried to attack us. And that scream was probably another person being attacked and if we don't get our asses out of here, we're next. I don't know about you, but I am not dieing.

The other kids with say that it's true. I still don't know whether to believe them or not. After some consideration I finally decide to just go with them. Better safe then sorry right?

Izzy: Okay, I believe you.

Natalie: Then let's get the hell out of here.

Tiana's POV

I didn't run very far from the room. In fact I was just down a hallway in a janitor's closet flipping shit. I have no idea what going on or what I'm going to do. How the hell does someone survive a fucking zombie apocalypse? I tell myself to just calm down and breath. I finally get my heart to slow down to a regular rate. I sit up and lean my head back against the door.

Then I her footsteps, like someone is running. They get closer so I open the door to have a look at who it is. I push open the door and hear a thump followed by "Ow, shit!" Oops.

Tiana: Fuck sorry. Wait, Brodie?

Brodie: Tiana?

Tiana: Where's everyone else?

Brodie: I don't know. I came down here looking for them. Why are you in a closet.

Tiana: I kinda had a panic attack so I came in here to calm myself down...

Brodie tells me what happened after I left. That poor girl. I suggest that we go back and see if there's people still in the building. He agrees so we walk back down the hallway. We get back to the area where this hell started and are greeted with the horrified face of one of our fellow students as she looks at the mutilated body of the security guard. I whisper to Brodie.

Tiana: Do you know who that is?

Brodie: Um yeah that's Keji.

Tiana: Okay. Um hi Keji.

Keji: What the actual fuck happened?! I'm calling the police.

Tiana: I don't think she knows we're here.

Brodie: just let her call. The police will probably be more effective in evacuating everyone.

Keji: Uh there's been a murder I think. The body is uh... basically beyond recognition. I'm at the Holocaust museum. Oh my God I'm gonna be sick. Okay okay bye.

Tiana: Again I say hi keji.

Keji: Who are you-Oh hell no. Why are you here?

Tiana: What?

Brodie: Same as you Keji. I'm here to tour the museum.

Keji: I'm leaving. Goodbye.

Tiana: That might not be a good idea... There are flesh eating people in here. You should probably stay with us.

Keji: Ha and have to deal with him. I'm better off by myself.

Brodie: Yeah Keji hates me.

Keji: No I just strongly dislike you.

Tiana: Then ignore him. I think you should stick with us though, just to be safe.

Keji: Why should I do that?

Tiana: So that you don't end up like that.

I point to the guard's body. It didn't take her long to agree. And that was a good thing because soon after the blonde girl showed up. She wasn't looking to be our friend that's for sure.


Hey guys, Tiana here. Ooo shit is getting serious. Well I don't have much to say this time so thank you for reading. Don't forget to vote and leave comments telling me what you think. Love you. Stay Cloudy. MWAHH Bieee!

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