His Own Way of Survival

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  • Dedicated to Obama the Llama

Obama the Llama thought if no one would help him, then he would have to help himself. Everyday he would buy fruits and vegetables with his own money and eat healthy for once. He would do more and more exercises in the alley, not caring if people were watching him. He did this for a month and he thought he didn't need a weight watchers membership after all. He lost tons of weight, but not enough for a 6-pack. He would put up a talent show in the middle of the street, earning him more and more money. One of his best talents is tap dancing with only two legs. He got tons and tons of money the more he did talent shows. He had enough to buy an iPad mini. When he got his iPad mini he could use McDonald's Wifi to go on the Internet. That's when his real life started.


I'm having another interview with him this week. Obama the Llama wants me to do separate interviews for separate parts of the biography, so stay tuned for the rest of his life!

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