Anniversary Dinner

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(A/N: I would like to dedicate this Imagine to mirandab77 because she liked almost all of my imagines....If your reading this mirandab77, I would like to say thank you, your amaZayn)


You slipped into your fancy black lingerie, smoothing down the front of it. You glanced at yourself in the mirror, nodding in approval, when you saw how it hugged your every curve. It was your anniversary, and Harry was making dinner. He was going to be very surprised, when he saw what you had picked up from Victoria Secret that morning.

You slid on a trench coat, not wanting to give anything away just yet. You followed your nose to the kitchen, where a giant feast of your favorite foods were displayed. Harry scanned you curiously, shaking his head at your strange outfit, but didn’t question it.  

“Happy Anniversary Baby,” he cheered, kissing you on the cheek. He leaned down and handed you a glass of champagne, before taking a glass himself. “Cheers to the 3 best years of my life that we’ve been together. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

You smiled kissing sweetly. “And to many more,” you replied.

After dinner, you cuddled next to Harry by the fireplace, resting your head on his shoulder. “So what’s with the trench coat?” Harry asked, tugging at the belt smiling.

“I wanted to surprise you,” you replied standing up revealing the black lace lingerie you were wearing. You watched as Harry lustfully eyed your body. You sat on his lap so that you were straddled across his waist. 

You began leaving a trail of small kisses down the side of his neck causing him to moan. “Damn, all this for me,” he smiled, letting his fingers trace your curves.

“Of course,” you replied, undoing his belt. “I’m all yours.”

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