I watched the time closely. 11 AM. I went upstairs a found a book on the bookshelf. Insergent book 2 of Divergent. My favorite book series.

I pulled it off of the bookshelf and walked down the stairs, slipped on my moccasins and went out onto the porch.

12 PM. I grabbed my laptop from the living room and went on to Twitter and Facebook.

1 PM. I went upstairs and put on my bikini. I strolled down the stairs and found a towel in the linning closet, walking outside and taking the cover off of the pool for an hours swim.

2 PM. I went on my phone for a while, going on Instagram.

3 PM. Lucy and Patrick leave.

I ran upstairs the moment they left and went through my closet. All I could find was a white short dress with lace over the normal dress. I shrugged. Casual enough.

I walked over to the mirror and looked at the ugly girl in the reflection. Her hair was in a messy bun with her bangs hanging out, covering her hideous scar beneath the bangs that she always had so no one would see it.

She had a worn-down sweater on and leggings with a rip on the knee. That hideous girl sadly was me. I held my bangs up and looked at the scar from when Patrick and I were running away from aunt Jenny in the forest.

Ashamed, I pulled my bangs down and a small tear formed in the corners of my eyes. I pulled the hairband from my bun and dropped it from my hand to the floor. My dark brown eyes hid everything.

My pain, suffering, and frightened. I imagined myself as a little girl. Walking down the street side-by-side with my mom. Then an ice cream truck would pass by and we would stop and I would beg for the triple fudge supreme.

I snapped out of it when my phone dinged. I hadnt even realized there was tears running down my face. I looked at the text. Liam will drive us. Do you know the way there?

I wiped the tears from my face and cleared my throat. Yeah, r u sure Liam is ok with driving?

I set down my phone and walked over to my dress. My phone dinged again, but I ignored it and pulled my shirt over my head.

The phone began to ring. Crap. I ran over to it and answered. "Hello?"


Niall. He is the only person the has ever called me 'Elle' and its kind of growing on me now. "Yes?"

"Can you put some clothes on and come outside?"

"Wha-how do you know-" I stopped and looked out the window. "Shit!"

Niall was standing out there with Louis and Harry. Louis was staring and Harry just stood there grinning. He winked at me and I screamed and shut the blinds. "Sorry about Harry... And Louis..." He chuckled a bit.

"Yeah, Ill be out in a second," I pulled off my pants, hopping a bit in doing so, and pulled the dress on.

I looked in my closet for any heels or nice shoes, but there was none. Just my red converses that sat next to my worn-out gym shoes for school. They gave us rentals which I thought was really stupid.

"Crap," I mumbled under my breathe. Ohh well, I guess converses are good enough.

I slipped on my converses with no socks. My phone dinged and I ran over to it. Almost done? Zayn's very impatient.

I giggled. Ya I just need to fix my hair. I walked over to my hair straightener and turned it on. It took a minute or so to heat up, and once it was done, I ran it through my hair a few times on each side and headed for the door.

"Nice pink lace bra," Harry's perverted remark made me blush.

"Thanks. Want it?" I joked.


Niall glared at him but knew he was joking. Niall and I aren't dating, but I would be jealous if my friend was hitting on him too.

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