the story of my life

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the story of my life ===========


my name is izzabella but they call me izzy i have brown hair, green eyes i live with my mom and her finance frank my dad lives in Chicago my mom and dad separated three years ago so now i live with my mom but I'm moving in with my dad. "sweet heart,are you sure you want to live with him?" asked mom she had a worry face we were at the airport.

" yes mom,I'm sure " she kissed me good bye and watched me get on the plane.

the plane ride was scary i had second thoughts of going to Chicago.

my dad was in his car waiting for me he had his arms open "i missed you buddy" he said.

" i want you to meet my wife, crystal" the woman had ocean blue eyes and blond hair she had a friendly smile on her face.

" aww she looks like you" she said shaking my hand and giving me a hug.

i mostly look like my dad instead of my mom.

when we got to the house it looked different than last time dad showed me my room it was purpleish i had a king size bed.

" are you okay with purple?" he asked

" yeah purple is good"

he left me to unpack and get settled i got a text message from mom mom: hope you had a good flight call me when you get to your fathers house kk love you  (:

i sighed and texted back   me: the flight was scary but i'm good i will call you tonight love you to.

" so izzy how is Texas?" asked  crystal scaring me

" its fine a little too hot" i said putting my clothes into the draws

" me and your dad applied you to a nearby school called aroma high school its a good school."

" wow thanks"

" ill leave you alone to get packed" she left the room

the next day at school i was nervous to go. i was home schooled in Texas my mom home schooled me 

the school was huge alot of students going in the building to head to class.

" have fun on your first day" said dad kissing my forehead and leaving.

i got nervous " here we go" i gulped and went to the main office to get my schedule the lady gave me a map and where to go my first class was science.

I walked to class slowly when i got in people all turned at me calm down i said in my mind.

" are you isabella cruz?" asked the teacher

i nodded " you can call be izzy" i told her

" okay izzy have a seat in the front row"

throughout the class i got confront able my next class was gym to be honest i suck at sports i made some friends in gym their names are ally and gina.

" so is this your first time in aroma high school?" asked gina

i nodded " i was homeschooled in Texas"

they looked surprised   " is Texas cool?" asked Ally

" yeah its cool"

" wanna sit with us at lunch?" gina asked me

" sure".

the bell ringed for us to go to the next class i had English class I was glad that I was the first one in class.

" Are you new?" asked the teacher

" Yes my name is Isabella Cruz but people call me izzy"

" nice to meet you izzy my name is Mr. Brown" he said shaking my hand.

class started " guys I want you to meet izzy she's new to the school" he stood me in front of the class.

all eyes on me scanning my face I felt nervous I went to sit in my seat putting my head down.

it was lunch time and I waited for gina and ally they were sitting at a table with a group of people.

" guys I wan  you to meet izzy she's new to the school" said ally they all greeted me.

after school I was relieved when I was  going home dad was in the car line grinning " how was school?".

" it was good"

" made any friends?" he asked steering the wheel to turn around

" a couple" i said biting my chips.

when I reached home I had nothing to do I had got two text from mom I sighed and read them.

mom: hey pumpkin how's your new school hopefully your enjoying staying with your father. I thought you were gonna call Me missy!

I sighed and read the other one it was from Frank

Frank: hey kiddo! How  you doin in Chicago??

I texted mom first.

izzy: hey mom!! school was good I made a couple of friends dad is good too, and I will call you soon but I'm busy -love you

then I texted Frank

izzy: hey frank! Chicago fine I'm loving the houses.

I sighed and went downstairs crystal was making dinner " I'm making my favorite recipe lasagna mix with macaroni beef"

she said stirring the pot. she made me taste the sause "mmmmmmm this is delicious"

" I own my own restaurant in Chicago if you wanna work there you can cause I have some cute teenage boys over there" she said giving me a grin I chuckled " okay I will apply there".


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