I'm a idiot.

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I run home in a hurry. I sit on my bed trying to get that stupid kiss out of my mind. UGH. Suddenly, my phone beeps. I grab it from my pocket and a text pops up on the screen; "Sam: you ok? you left in a hurry." I turn my phone off again, he's not helping. Another beep comes to my phone. I thought it was Sam I didn't reply.

*couple hours later*

The kiss is still in my head. I check my phone again. "two unread texts from: Mom" I unlock my mom and break down in tears. "mom is in the hospital,  she was in a car accident. " "Clare...where are you?!" I jump up and run outside. I don't have a car so ill have to run the whole way.  I don't care that my face is wet with tears. With my luck Sam was driving pass me and asked if I wanted a ride. I just ignored him. I cant believe I wasn't there for my mom. I am a idiot.

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