Chapter One

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"And that's about it for this week's video I hope you have an amazing weekend and I will see you whenever I see - "






"Mahogany!" I yelled over the walls that seperated our rooms.

No reply.

Of course she couldn't hear it over DJ Snake and Lil Jon.

I sighed and clicked my camera's button to stop recording and got up and walked to her door.


The music stopped abruptly and the door opened leaving me face to face with a mouthful of curly hair.

"Hey, what's up?" She asked cuddling her pet pig in her arms.

"Babe you know I love you but I'm making a video." I replied.

"Oh! I'm so sorry! Can we be in it?" She gestured to her pig.


*oink oink*

How can you say no to a pig?

"Come on then my battery's about to die." I walked back to my room and sat back down on my bed where I usually filmed and was joined by Mahohany and the pig.

"And that's about it for this week's video I hope you have an amzing weekend and I'll see you whenever I see you!" I recited my outro flawlessly.

"We say bye!" Mahohany added just before I turned the camera off.

"Now." I turn back to her.



*beep* wake up *beep* wake up *beep* wake the f*ck up *beep*

Oh I just love it when Mahogany sets my alarms to her annoying voice. I hit the snooze button a couple of times before I couldn't handle it anymore and I finally got up to start a day in the life of Louise Holland.

I took a look at my phone and checked if I was somewhat decent and couldn't be bothered to wash my face before grabbing my vlogging camera on the bedside table and started filming.

"Hey guys, it's Louise, obviously. And today I'm finally going to film a day in the life of Louise video for you and hopefully this time I won't lose motivation in the middle of making it. I apologize for my lack of decency given the fact that I had just woken up and am apparently still in bed. So before I change my mind and go back to sleep, let's get started."

I did my usual bathroom morning routine with the camera following me (except for when I took a wee of course) and headed downstairs to eat some breakfast at 11:45 am because why not.

"Good morning, Mahogany." I greet her from her place on the table with her laptop probably looking for some new tunes.

"Good morning. Are we vlogging today?" She asked.

"Not sure whether to call it vlogging or just a day in the life of Louise video." I answer.

"Well good luck with that. There's some waffles on the counter I set aside for you." She replied without taking her eyes from her laptop screen.


I started eating my food with the camera still filming and this would be an awkward experience for most people but I've actually gotten around to being comfortable with it.

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