I groaned in pain as I tried to sit up again from my bed, clutching the sheets tighter as I felt like my lower stomach had been punched a million times. Clara looked at me with a mixture of annoyance and sympathy as she sat on the edge of my bed, rubbing my right shoulder slightly. "You should just stay in bed, it will go away soon." she reassured me.

I sighed, laying back on my bed and facing the ceiling. I was having period cramps, it was my second day and it hurts like hell. This happens everytime with me, my hair was tied up and a few strands have fallen on my face, my skin paler than ever, and I have eyebags under my eyebags, and I was wearing an oversized shirt with some sweatpants. To sum it up I look horrible.

Clara stood up and started fixing her dress, it was now that I realized that she was going to go out. "Where are you going?" I asked as she applied lip gloss in the mirror.

"Out. Im meeting a friend somewhere." She said, "I'll be back soon though, I'll rent a movie so we can watch it together when Im back." she grinned at me, and gestured to herself, silently asking me if her appearance was okay.

"You're all good. I'll see you later." I smiled weakly, then she kissed my cheek and headed out towards our door, closing it shut.

I reached for the remote and turned on the TV, moving my lower body a little to a comfortable position, I began searching through the channels. Settling on Spongebob Squarepants because its one of my favorite shows like, ever.

But I couldnt focus on Spongebob, my mind was thinking about Ivan. It has been two days since we went out that night, our little talk about Alison seemed to work since she doesnt send hard glares anymore. I guess both of us went back to normal since she came to me and ask to borrow one of my favorite black high heels yesterday very nicely.

But I could still tell that there was a tiny bit of anger in her eyes, like she wouldnt let this pass, like she was giving me a warning. She's one of my 'friends', I know her well.

My plan was all set, I have it written on a notebook and its safely placed in a box under my bed, where nobody would look. I would start soon after this.

'This' means after my vagina has finished bleeding.

At the middle of the show, someone knocked on my door and I yelled out for the person to come in and there was Zach and Ivan standing here with cheeky smiles.

"Hey, I heard  you were on your period." Zach said, stepping in the room.

I frowned, "How did you know that?" I asked him while my cheeks reddened. Having two hot guys find out you were on your period is very embarrassing.

"Clara told everyone." he said, sitting on the floor and blocking my view from the TV.

I rolled my eyes. Of course she would tell everyone.

My eyes gazed towards Ivan, who was sitting next to me on my bed.

"Then what are you doing here? Get out, I look horrible!" I said as I hid my face on my sheets.

"We made you soup, Clara said it would make you feel better." Ivan shrugged and pointed to the bedside table, there was a steaming hot bowl of soup that I didnt even noticed they had it with them all along.  "How are you feeling?"

"I dont know, I want to be angry because my back is hurting me, and I also want to eat like a pig, or I could just sleep until this is over." I said, getting the soup from the bedside table and took a spoonful in my mouth, relaxing as the hot liquid made me slightly better. "Thats nice. Thanks guys."

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