Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

When I walked through the front doors and almost immediately was smacked in the head by a giant birthday balloon.

"What the-?" I couldn't finish because Rae jumped me. She climbed on top of me and gave me a big squeeze.

"Seriously, is everyone trying to kill me on my birthday? I haven't even had cake yet!" I tried get out of the hug.

"Happy birthday munchkin!!" Rae released me, looked at my face and then squeezed me again.

"Again with the squeezing!" She finally let me go and pulled me towards my locker which was crazily decorated.

"What did you do to my locker..?" I gaped at the piece of art they put together. Great, now how am I supposed to open it. I already have a hard time opening it but this err...artwork will make it even harder.

"Hey hey! Rae don't take full credit for something we also helped at!" Mark and Kevin called out coming towards me and giving me an actual decent hug. Well looks like there are two people that don't plan on killing me on my birthday. Mark and Kevin were one of my closest friends except for Rae of course. Kevin is also Rae's mate which kinda leaves me and Mark as loners with no partners.

"But that all changes today! We are finding are mate!!!" My wolf exclaimed. I was kinda wondering when she would talk. She's been awfully quiet recently.
"Who knows maybe we won't." I replies to my wolf. Some people don't find their mate when they turn sixteen, they find them later on in their lives. My wolf said something rude and cut me off making me laugh.

"To the most amazing friend from me..." Kevin elbowed him. "AND KEVIN! God I was getting there!" Mark handed me a neatly wrapped blue box after whacking Kevin in the head. At first, I opened it carefully making sure not to rip any paper but after the third attempt I realized that these two idiots had a little too much fun with taping the box so I started shredding it instead. Once I actually got to the box, I opened it up revealing a charm bracelet and two Hershey kisses in the middle. I looked up at the two grinning faces and hugged them smiling.

"Thanks guys!" I squeezed but not too tightly because I am not a certain group of people *cough* -family!

"You know what the two Hershey kisses mean?" They both grinned at each other and looked at me raising their eyebrows up and down. Mark walked towards my right side and Kevin to my left. They both bent down and kissed me on the cheek.
"...This!" Mark laughed. I looked up at Rae who was laughing with her phone up taking multiple pictures of the "aww" moment to put in her scrap book cuz she's just weird like that. Oh the amazing friends I have.

All of a sudden this very strong scent hit me. It smelled like strawberries.
"Hey guys do you smell that? Doesn't it smell so good?" I kept sniffing the air.

"Oh it's probably me. You know I smell delicious and all." Mark dramatically fanned himself. Rae whacked him in the head earning a big "ouch" from Mark.
"Shut up!" She looked at Mark and then to me, "Follow the scent." She grinned. I followed it and it led me to the middle of a really crowded hall way. A-hah! I found it! It was coming from a guy. I grabbed his arm and tried to turn him around but I felt strange sparks and pulled away fast.

"Mine." He turned around growling low. His eyes change immediately after seeing me. The blonde next to him glared down at me.

"THAT'S YOUR MATE!!" My wolf was practically throwing a party in my head. I looked up at him raising an eyebrow. My mate was Daemon Wilton, the alpha of the second strongest pack, Blood Moon. Also known as the popular jock that girls throw themselves back at. He looked amazing. His hazel eyes were perfect with his warm brown hair. He just looked perfect!

"Mine." I whispered back stepping closer.

" way! You're my mate?! Is this a joke? How are you qualified as a Luna?" He laughed at my face. That really hurt me, more than Emma's death hugs and that's really saying something.

I walked up to Daemon until our faces were inches apart. Even if it hurt when he said that, there is no way in hell that I will just take it in and cry.

"Who said I wanted to be your mate?" I narrowed my eyes at him. Pain and surprise flashed across his eyes for a moment and was immediately replaced by a cocky smirk.
"Who wouldn't want to be?" He replied. Okay, apparently I have a mate with a big ego.

"I don't." I smirked right back at him. Two can play at this game buddy.

"Fine!" He humphed moving closer making our noses touch. Just one more centimeter and our lips would connect.

"Fine." As I said that, our lips slightly touched and he started kissing me, but I pulled away quickly. Anger flashed in his eyes.
"Well aren't you going to reject me? You know, cuz I'm a joke?" I rolled my eyes sarcastically but I actually wanted him to say no. My heart was breaking.


"OUR "MATE" JUST CALLED ME A JOKE! SO SHUT UP!" I shut her off and looked at Daemon half challenging and half pleading.

"Hell yea I will! Who would want a mate like you? I, Daemon Wilton, reject you, my mate, Ella Knight." He stated and as soon as he stated I almost cried. It was as if he literally stabbed my heart.

"Fine." I silently whispered to myself, traitor tears escaping my eyes. I turned around and walked away towards my biology class. I wiped the tears before entering the class to sit in my usual seat next to Rae.

"So, did you find your mate??" She jumped up excitedly smiling.

"" I lied.

"Then what was the smell?"

"Cafeteria food. I guess I was hungry." I replied but the look on her face told me that she wasn't buying it.

"What happened? Who is it?"

"Daemon and he rejected me." I mumbled. I was going to end up telling her anyways, might as well do it now. I slowly rose my head to see Rae's face and damn she looked really angry.
"WHAT!?" She yelled and everyone looked at us. She apologized quickly and looked back at me.
"WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE REJECTED?!" She continued whisper yelling to me. I shrugged. She just looked at me and then sat back down tapping away on her notebook mumbling to herself stuff.


Chapter two YAYYY! I was getting issues with publishing this but I finally did so PARTY!! Yea I'm very weird haha

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