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The three walked up to the blue police box, much to Sherlock's disappointment. 

"You dont mean to tell me we are going in THAT?" He asked "How is that supposed to get us anywhere?" 

"Sherlock-" John began as The Doctor started to unlock the door. 

"-Look at it, its tiny! It dosent even have wheels, that isnt going to get us anywhere"


"I refuse to 'travel' in such a thing, I'd rather-" 



"Will you just shut up and look inside?" 

The Doctor had already opened the door and was grinning by the doors at Sherlock who raised an eyebrow. A soft light came from the TARDIS, which touched The Doctors figure as he laid his eyes on the detective.

"What, its a box?" He said,  not looking at its interior. The Doctor's grin grew ever larger, as he turned his back to Sherlock and stepped inside. 

"Come on Sherlock" John said, a little exited to see Sherlocks reaction. 

"You cant seriously-" But John had already disappeared. 

This was all confusing Sherlock, which he didnt like, he didnt like it when he didnt know exactly what was going on. He decided to enter the blue box, or whatever it was. But he then hesitated, was it...humming, he thought. Yes, yes it was! The box was humming, and...slightly vibrating? What the hell? 

The Doctor and John were joined by a very confused Sherlock, but his face changed completely when he took in his surroundings. The Doctor laughed a little, standing on the steps. Sherlock couldn't even speak, causing John to try hard not to laugh. John turned towards the console, but The Doctor continues to watch Sherlock. 

"You see Sherlock, not just a box is it?" He said, not looking at him. But in return, a loud thump came from behind John, which made The Doctors face drop. 

"Oh" He said, looking at the floor. 

"What?" John turned over to find Sherlock on the floor, eyes closed, lying down emotionless. 

"Oh my god, he didnt faint did he?" He said, sighing.  

Sherlock woke up to find himself lying across his bed back at Baker street. He felt tired, and a little disorientated. He had untidy hair, and was breathing quite erratically. He bolted up, looking around panicked. 

"J-John!" He yelled, he wanted John, where was he? "John!" 

The army doctor pushed the door open and rushed into the room. "Sherlock? Ah, your awake, you okay?" 

"W-what? yes, yes im fine, but what happened, I- what-" 

"Sherlock just relax, your going to be okay, I think you just got a fright from the TARDIS" 

"The TARDIS?" 

"The blue box thingy" 

"Wha- that was real!" 

"Well, yeah..?" 

"Oh, I thought I sort of...dreamt it up or something, thats what people do dont they?" 

"...yeah, look do you want tea or something, The Doctor is in the living room by the way" 

"Umm, yes tea-please. I- I um, what is..." 

"Sherlock, go back to bed, i'll leave the tea by your bed, okay?" 

"Mmm" Sherlock then laid back down and pulled the covers over himself, obviously exhausted. He closed his eyes and his face entered a peaceful state which John couldn't help but smile at. 

"Thank you, John" He mumbled as John left the room. 

The Doctor chuckled as he read a magazine that was left on Sherlocks desk, he was sitting on the sofa crossed-legged. He was finding his read quite amusing. 

"Have you read this?" The Doctor asked as John walked in. 

"Umm, no I haven't, I dont really know why its there to be honest" 

"How's Sherlock?" He asked. 

"He's okay, a bit out of it, but once he gets a bit of rest he'll be fine" John answered from the kitchen, preparing the tea. 

"So do you not want to know?" The Doctor called over to John 

"...Know what?" His voice answered 

"About the crack, what it was?"  

John returned ito the living room with two cups of tea and a confused look laid upon his face. "Crack? ...Oooh, the crack, um well it only seams fair to talk about that when Sherlocks here" He said, placing a cup on the table infront of The Doctor. 

"Thank you" The Doctor said, still reading his magazine, whilst John made his way to Sherlocks room, cup of tea still in hand. 

He walked in the room which was quite dark, and the only noise was the slight hum of Sherlocks breathing while he rested, eyes still closed. John left the tea by his bedside table, as he knew Sherlock would be up soon enough, knowing him. But for now, he just needed to relax. John took a moment to glance at Sherlock, it was a rare occasion that he got to see Sherlock in such a peacefull state, which please him. But he the turned on his heel once he had placed Sherlocks tea down and made his way towards the door again.

"John, is that you?" Sherlocks voice was muffled from the pillow, and he blinked, trying to get his eyes into focus. 

"Yeah, hey Sherlock, you alright?" 

"Mhmm, thank you for the tea, John" he said a little more clearly now he had moved his head. His vision was still blurry, but he could see John clearly enough. His friend approached him, smiling down at his figure. 

"Thats okay, I know you're not feeling too great so its the least I can do, is there anything I can get you Sherlock, some tablets, or something to eat?" 

"John im just tired, im not dying" Sherlock said a little more seriously, which John chuckled at. "Im-im sorry I didnt mean it, no John, I dont want anything but thank you for asking" he said, feeling slightly guilty. 

"Why are you being all considerate? Usually you'd let something like that pass, you'd be happy to say it, are you sure you're okay Sherlock?" 

"Mmm...I think so" He mumbled, tired. John took a step closer to him and placed a hand on his forehead, which Sherlock found a little soothing, even though he didnt admit it. 

"Well you dont seam to be burning up...I think you just need a little rest, I better go, drink your tea" John said,

He was beginning to make his way out. He was starting to get a little worried about his friend, he didnt know why, but he didnt want to question it. 

"Thank you John" Sherlock said again as he reached for his tea. 

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