"Jaime you can do it.just call him.come on you got his number call him"I was pacing back and forwards in my room.."Jaime!"my uncle yelled out from downstairs.i threw my phone on the bed and stuffed the piece of paper in my pocket.and ran downstairs to the living room area."hey uncle what's up?" giving him my warm smile."just letting you know you should call him before its 2." he smiled he knew how but I didn't tell no one?!?!? "I wasn't going to call him he's not ready remember?" I walked back to my room."he's not ready so why am I going to call him...im wasting my time and his."I said putting the paper in a box inside my closet. Why don't my parents want me.my phone went off its a FIR tweet at least he followed me back just concert updates."Jaime!"I heard my friend Chase yell from outside I looked out my window."hey! I'll be down in a second!" I yelled getting my board.sneaking out my window.you see I'm not allowed to hang out with guys said my "father" but I'm 17 and he's never here never was so who is he to tell me who I can and cant hang out with."hey,come on lets go" Chase said grabbing my hand I nod and ran to the park with him. I have this weird feeling when I'm around him like butterflies.but its a waste for me to tell him how I feel about him.he's 19 and he calls me Kido I'm no child -.-..okay sometimes.."Jaime helllooooo???" he shakes his hand in front of my face I buzzed out fuck I smiled"yeah?"looking in his beautiful blue eyes."did you hear me I asked if you called your dad?"he rolled his eyes playfully"no I can't do it..."I looked at the sidewalk he wrapped his arms around me."its going to be okay" I tried my best to believe his words but all I could think of is my dad..."come on lets go skate." Chase smiled and we did til it got dark

Mystery's POV

"Alright see you in a few." hung up the phone and looked at a old photo of me and her."have to be in her life again." I'm not leaving without her. What will they say when she's with me. "babe you ready?"she asked I nod and got up getting the keys."today is the day."

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