chapter one...

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*2 months before*

'Heyo potatoes, today I am doing a #DareMegan... I asked all you guys out there on twitter and I got Zoe to pick some out, say Hi Zoe' I say, Zoe comes up behind me.

'Hi Zoe' She says.

'Right, now go back to your cage' Joe says.

(a/n if any of the twitter names are real I'm very sorry)

'So the first dare is from.. @Troyler_Shipper I dare you to call up A hotel saying that your brother lost his penis' Zoe says.

We looked through yellow pages to see hotel numbers.

We found one.

'Hello?' The woman says.

'Err, hi... umm... my brother lost something' I say.

'What did he lose?' she asks.

'He err.... lost his penis... in the hotel room' I say, trying to keep a straight face.

'I'm sorry, he lost his what?' The lady says.

'Umm... he lost his penis, in the hotel room' I say, Joe, Alfie and Caspar pissing them selves laughing.

I heard the beep.

'They hung up' I say.

'They probably heard Alfie's laugh' Caspar says.

'Oh haha' Alfie says.

'Next dare is from @Nialler69 and she dares you to make a face mask using stuff in your bathroom' Zoe says.

We went into the bathroom.

'So today, I am in my very lovely make up studio, and for foundation... I shall be using head and shoulders conditioner... and for decoration I will be using lids...  i looked at the boys who were pissing them selves.

'And now for extra decoration, you will need toilet roll, and what you need for this is cut it into shreds and put it all around your face.' I burst out laughing.

'Next one is from @Janoskians_fan I dare you to scream out the window imma poo on your head.' Zoe says.

'Your kidding me right? Oh my god but I live on a busy street, I hate you' I say.

I opened my window 'imma poo on your head!!!!!!'

I quickly shut my windows before anyone saw me.

'And the last one is from @potatoes_world I dare you to audition for x factor' Zoe says.

'What?' I say 'But I can't sing'

'Yes you can!' Zoe, Alfie, Joe and Caspar says.

'Here' Zoe says, handing me her laptop, the page to sign up.

I filled it out and sent it off, my audition is on the 29th June.

'and that is all we have time for, and if your not busy on the 29th June then pop over to the arena and we all will be there, so we may do a meet and greet over there.' I say.

'Bye guys, say bye you lots' I say.

'Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!' They all say.

Thanks for reading, Nicky will be in it either the next one or the one after, I love all your sexy faces byyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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