Alex- I have arrived!

Connor- In 1 piece?

Alex- Haha, very funny

Connor- I am at the library with Zelda right now.

Alex- Haha cool! Tell her I said hi! Its only noon here but it feels later. I am so going to be jetlagged.

Connor- Getting yelled at by an angry librarian, gtg. Bye Alex

Alex- Goodbye.

"Alex, our friend Cat is coming and she's bringing us to Epcot!" Dan says. "Really?' I ask. "Yup!" Dan exclaims.  I go to my suitcase and grab converse and a bright green jumper to change into.

I take off my Dan and Phil t shirt (don't worry I have a tank top on) and I put on the green jumper. "Alex love, did you steal my Dan and Phil t shirt?" Phil asks, "Mayyybbeeee" I say and giggle. "Mystery solved!" Phil yells. I slip off my boots and put on my converse and go sit at the desk. I open my laptop and check twitter. Its like I just magically got my 3,000 followers. I am not kidding. "Knock knock!" I hear Cat yell from the door. Dan runs over to the door and opens it. "Cat!" he says and hugs her. "Hi Dan!" she says and walks in. She goes over to Phil and hugs him. "Hello Phil" she says. "Hi Cat" he says.

"This must be Alex?" she says. "Yes it is. Say hi Alex!" Dan says. I spin in the chair. "Hi" I say awkwardly and spin around. "Time to tweet about this!" Cat says.

@catrific- Time to go to Epcot with @danisnotonfire @AmazingPhil and @AWildAlexAppears Yay!

"Let the ladies have the front" Phil says. "But... finee" Dan says. "No, its fine I don't want the front seat. One of you two can have it" I say politely. "Alex, don't pretend you don't want it. Be yourself" Dan says. "No really, I don't want the front seat" I say. "Okay then... Phil, you want it?" Cat says. "I feel the love, Cat" Dan says and Phil goes in the front. I go in the back with Dan.

"I have never been on a rollercoaster. What's it like? I probably shouldn't even go on one until tomorrow" I say. "Depends. And I think you can Alex" Cat says. "Oh, that helps a lot. Thanks Cat" I say. She smiles and starts driving.

"Do you guys want some food?" Cat asks. "Sure. Why not. You Alex?" Phil says. Dan gives me a stare like 'Alex, If you don't fucking eat I will chop off your head'. "I will have something" Dan says, staring me in the eye. "Uhm, I guess so" I say. "The girl is eating! Praise the lord!" Phil says. "Haha, funny" I say sarcastically. "What?" Cat asks, confused. Dan looks over at me. I nod my head, giving him permission to tell her. "Alex went through 'a stage' in her life where she starved herself" Dan says. "Ohh" Cat says.

"Lets eat here" Cat says and parks the car at a diner.

"And we have arrived at Epcot" Cat exclaims happily. Oh lord, I need  a book for this... uhmm... OH! I GOT IT! It would be in a series called 'How to Deal With Idiots'. I could write it! Ugh, why am I thinking all this through, I need a life.

"Alex?" I hear someone ask. I turn around and see Windsor. "Oh, hi Windsor!" I say. "Is that the girl from the plane?" Dan asks me. I nod. She walks over to Dan, Phil, and I and shyly says "Can I have a selfie with you guys?" "Of course!" Phil says. "BUT FIRST, LEMME TAKE A SELFIE!" Dan and I blirt out at the same time. He high-fives me. Windsor hands Dan her iPhone 5c and we all gather around him. Cat is awkwardly standing to the side. "You can join Cat!" Windsor offers. She walks behind me. Here's how we are positioned....

 Dan-Windsor-Me and Cat behind me-Phil

Dan takes the group selfie and hands the phone back to Windsor. "Well, I best be going. Bye guys!" Windsor says, basically shaking. I hug her. "You smell good" she says and laughs. "Well thank you, I stole Dan's cologne" I say and smile proudly. Dan smiles. Windsor runs off, back to where her family went until she was out of sight. "A fan before Playlist, wow" Cat says. "Well, lets go do some stuff!" Phil says.

"This line is short" Dan announces. "So?" Cat says. Dan sighs. "Just saying" he says. "I'm scared" I say and hug Dan's arm. "You can sit next to me" Dan says, rubbing my back. "I don't want to go on, my head hurts" I complain. "Really?" Dan asks. "Well, a little" I say. "Don't hide your fear. You will go on and like it" Dan says and hugs me. I nod and swallow hard.

"Enjoy the ride!" the man says over the intercom. I swallow and close my eyes. Dan is holding my hand and I am squeezing hid right back. I feel the adrenaline pump through my veins as the cart starts to move. "Holy fuck, what have I gotten myself into" I say. I feel my plat falling backward as the cart goes up the hill. I crack my left open a teensy bit and see we are closer to the clouds. 'Aw fuck, aw fuck, aw fuck' I think to myself and the cart starts to level out, for a maximum of 10 seconds. Then we rush down the hill. My head slams back into the cushions on the headrest. Eh, that didn't hurt nearly as bad as I thought it would, and it hurt. My eyes slowly crack open. I lookup to see what is next. Aw fuck, a loop. We start to gain more speed and zip through the loop-de-loop. I refuse to open my mouth, just in case. I don't really want to barf my hamburger all over Cat and Phil, who are sitting in front of us. I slowly loosen my grip on Dan's hand. I am never letting go though.

We go through a series of loops, turns, and almost regurgitating my hamburger and Coke on The back of Phil's head until we slowly come to a stop. I look around the surroundings. The man opens the doors and we pile out the gates. My vision blurs as I stumble down the ramp. I am already limping enough from my fractured ankle that basically healed but you know, it still hurts a little. "Was that fun?" Cat ask. I shrug and blink several times to try and get my vision back. Nope, that didn't work. "I feel dizzy" I mumble. Dan goes behind me and picks me up bridal style. He carries me to a bench and sets me down. He sits and I lie my head on his shoulder.

After other different rides and some food and shiz like that, Cat drops us off at the hotel around 7ish. I go to the elevator and go up to our room.

"I am so tired" I say and jump on Dan and I's bed. "Same" Phil says and put down a bag of something he bought. Dan walks in last and falls onto the couch.

I go over to my suitcase and grab my fuzzy pajama pants and go to the bathroom and change out of my skinny jeans and jumper.

I quickly take a 10 minute shower to clean my hair and shave (tmi -.-)

I go back to my bag and put my sneakers next to it and I grab a fuzzy pair of socks. I go on the bed and go under the covers. After Dan and Phil are both changed, they go into their designated bed and then Phil turns on Frozen.

"Let it go, let it gooooo!" Dan sings along. I chuckle because I am to tired to laugh.

Eventually, I fall asleep cuddling with Dan. "Goodnight, baby girl" Dan says.


I am tired right now, Lo! (@unicorn07able would understand the lo haha) Okay but whatever. I am happy that this chapter is up today horray! Yahoo! Yipee! Over-excitement! Back to the point, my next chapter will probably be up on the weekend. Hope you enjoyed!






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