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Chapter 17-

I grimaced. I knew what was coming wasn't going to end well. But millions of lives in my hand. Fire would be a bad idea, unless I could use in a concentrated area, but that'd be difficult to put off. I looked around the room for ideas. There was a bowl for baptism. But instead of holy water it was... oil? That's strange, but I never exactly studies satanists so I didn't think much of it. The chandelier in the ceiling hung above the baptismal bowl. It was hanging weakly. Perhaps if I could knock it down, it could ignite the oil. But that was dangerous. If Susan dies, the ritual will commence, blowing up the whole state.

I continued to look around. There was a fire extinguisher. That could be useful. To my side, there was explosives. At least 6 dozens of boxes of C4. Oh my god. That's enough to blow up the whole building.

Gunpowder and other guns were at the other side of the room. The guns were not loading, and bullets weren't even present. It was a station to craft bullets, though, it seems that the vampires are lazy about their chores, just like me.

Then I noticed a peculiar whole in the ceiling.

Samuel was watching from the top. That made sense.

He was able to be in pocket dimension because he was intelligent. Inhumanly intelligent.

That's why he was a doctor. He had never lost a patient before.

He had a plan. So did I.

Sith Lord jumped at me with a knife. I jumped to the side quickly, and flicked my fingers toward the chandelier. The chandelier fell, landing on all the oil. Oil flew everywhere, covering all the floor in a 3 foot radius. Samuel jumped down and grabbed the gunpowder. He began making a trail from the oil to the C4.

Sith Lord and I continued to fight. Our knives collided and sparked, dangerously close to igniting the oil. Samuel grabbed Susan and ran out of the room.

"No!" Yelled Sith Lord. He flung his hand toward Samuel, and the wooden below him erupted and grabbed his ankles. He put Susan down momentarily and began slashing a knife at the wood. He needed time. I had to grant him time. I continued slashing my knife at Sith Lord. He hit my knife with such force that I dropped my knife. I unholstered my gun and shot towards him without aiming. The bullet hit him in the thigh.

I heard a distinct *clack* there was a hole in hit leg. Purely by luck, the bullet had hit his femur. The bullet likely didn't break it, but probably cracked it. Sith Lord wouldn't be able to walk. Now was my chance. Samuel finally broke the wood. I picked up Karrin's unconscious body. Samuel and I ran out the door. All four of us were safe.

When we were outside, I looked for the window of the cathedral. I braces myself and threw my will toward the window. Fire exploded, igniting the oil. Two seconds later, the whole building exploded. We walked away to finally go home.

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