Chapter 16

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Jack's P.o.v

I walked home, feeling sad because I was simply out of luck. No apartments or houses were for sale, and saying that the whole town were werewolves, I couldn't use compulsion to get a room or an apartment.

I walked back to the pack house wanting to go back to my residence and take a shower, without any interuption.I walked up the porch stairs almost slugishly, some werewolf women looking at me and winking. But I just smirked at them then looked forward in disgust.

Walking up the stairs I was almost to my room when all the sudden I smacked into someone, sending shocks into my body. I looked up at her and smiled, but my smiled faultered when I seen she was in a small pink bathroad, her hair wet going down her back.

But that wasn't all I noticed, she smelt different, not just from her mark from her douchebag of a mate, but in fact that they had finished the process while I was gone.

I growled storming toward my room, Olivia calling my name, but I wasn't listening. My heart was in my ears and I couldn't barely hear her. How dare she?! I'm also her mate for god sakes, and she does this?? Walking swiftly to my room I finally stopped at the door and looked at her.

she almost ran into my body as she was running to catch up to me "Please Jack understand, I never knew you before Sam. I love him because I've known him longer, I love you as a friend and a mate, but Samuel was going to reject me tonight." she was practically in tears as she begged for my forgiveness. But i'd never forgive her, I think she knew that.

I growled and shook my head "i'll forgive you, but i'm getting the heck out of this house, where I don't have to see you and your "mate" makeout all the time" I walked into my room not caring of her answer.

But the thing was, when I closed the door upon that beautiful face.

I died inside my heart breaking twice as much as it should of. I clenched my chest, tearing running down my pale face. I've never cried so hard in my 1000 years.

I practically died as the sun went down, the orange streaks on the floor turning to black as I whimpered and sobbed out my feelings. Sometimes Olivia would come to the door to see if I was okay.

I'd never answer, for I didn't want her to know that I was suffering, from her impractical descision.


Olivia's P.o.v

I know that he said that he forgave me but the thing was, I felt his heart be ripped out as soon as he shut the door. He never came out after that, not when I asked him to come to dinner, not when I asked to see if he was okay, he never answered but I heard the choked sobs.

I think he practically died in that room, but not litterally, I never rejected him. Just told him i'd love him as a friend and a mate.

After he shut the door on me, I walked downstairs and sat on the stairs wanting to cry, but the tears wouldn't come.

Samuel was now running the borders, so I couldn't look for comfort in him. But what comfort would I get if he was my mate.

I needed Jeremy and he was gone.

I took out my phone pressing Jeremy's phone number putting it to my ear, thinking i'd get a voice mail.

but instead I got his caring voice "Olivia, I'm so sorry I haven't been answering, sweetie i'm here for you" he said finally.

and i broke down, tears splashed down my cheeks in a waterfall "Jer...I need...a you......" I whimpered out wiping my tears away "you..'ve been gone...and a bunch of crap has hurting Jeremy" I finally got out before I sniffled and whined.

"i'm here for ya baby girl just calm down, where are you?" he asked sounding out of breath.

"i'm at Samuels pack house, we moved he as soon as you left." I said pulling my knees to my chest. I heard the phone disconect, I looked down and my eyes widened the phone hung up.

But as soon as it did the door wipped open my darling brother came in looking sweaty as ever.

At the point I didn't care whether or not Jeremy was sweaty, and I had just taken a shower ran up to him hugging him tightly "I missed you so much Jer" I whined into his shoulder gripping his shirt in my hands.

"I missed you too"

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